Help, There's a TikTok House for Old People (AKA Millennials)

Mehera Bonner
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From Cosmopolitan

I'm so sorry to be the one to tell you this, but there's yet another TikTok community you need to learn about. It's called Honey House, and sadly, it's not a home devoted to bees. Instead, what we have here is a content collective, the members of which all live together under one roof—much like fellow L.A.-based collectives Hype House and Sway House. But there's one key difference: Honey House is for olds. And by that I mean people in their twenties who spend their time doing this:

Truly, if you don't live in a house with your friends and devote your life to making content, ARE YOU EVEN LIVING? Unclear, but here's the deal with Honey House in case you'd like to apply. But first, this obligatory gif:

Photo credit: Giphy
Photo credit: Giphy

It Is, In Fact, an Actual House

Or is it a hive? IDK, you tell me!

JK, it actually appears to be a gorgeous home nestled in some pretty trees. Here's a pic, under which one commenter wrote, "So is this just like a big orgy house I don’t get it?"

And here's a tour of if you're looking for inspiration for your own content house:

What Do They...Like...DO All Day?

Thanks for asking! According to an Instagram caption that I can only assume is their mission statement, the Honey House is "a creator hive built for us to lean into health, happiness, nutrition, fitness, surrounding ourselves with good people."

So yeah, basically they make fun TikTok videos all day. The dream.

Yes, They Have Merch

I actually kind of want this hat! Take my money, honey (house)!

So, Who's In It?

According to E! News, the house consists of an array of coupled-up wellness, mindfulness, fitness, and brand influencers. Founder J.T. Barnett explains:

"Our brand is a health and wellness focus, and I know people identify with fitness as, like, moving your physical body, but wellness for me encompasses also, like, community, and caring for others, and spreading positivity and kindness. So we wanted to embody all of that into a brand and into the house. So, all of the content that comes underneath that identity is things like lighthearted challenges, tips and tutorials on how to move your body more properly, or how to sit and meditate at a beginner level."

The Honey House appears to be in "Season 2" (meaning there's a new group of participants), and currently features four duos including....

J.T. & Sami

Jarick and Reana

Nick and Erin

Chris and Mayra

Meanwhile, this video posted on Twitter (notably captioned "sincerely the worst thing I've ever seen"), paints a pretty clear picture of the general vibes.

Welp, this has, as ever, been an update.

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