Your HelloGiggles horoscope, June 10th to June 16th: Times, they are a-changin'

There's a New Moon in Gemini this week, meaning we're in for intensity, curiosity, and change. Read on for your weekly horoscope.

We’re moving from those waning moon vibes — which helped us get in touch with some deep emotional stuff — and headed for a New Moon in Gemini this week. Not only is the Sun also currently held up in Gemini, but now we’ve got Lady Lunar hanging in the twin sign too, which means double the intensity and energy. Here’s what the stars have in store for your zodiac sign this week.

New Moons are generally the best time to start something, whether a passion project, relationship, or even a new morning ritual. You might also question old behaviors and patterns as you welcome fresh beginnings to grow and evolve. Because the New Moon is hanging in curious Gemini, you can bet that you’ll be more inquisitive and probing than normal. And, thanks to that crazy twin star energy, there’s also a lot of momentum pushing you to renew and rejuvenate — so go with it.

Check out your weekly horoscope below.


So first thing’s first, Gemini: communication is gonna be confusing this week. You might overreact to a text message or maybe someone close to you isn’t being straight up. The path to better communication is to get clear with what you want and need. Also, New Moon tip: dream big and aim high. This is YOUR season.


Mercury is traveling through your sign this week, Cancer, which means everyone is speaking your language. Dreamy, intuitive, and being in touch with your feelings is your jam, so make sure to express all that you feel. This New Moon is all about getting what’s yours, so don’t back down.


You’re feeling deeper than usual at the start of the week, Leo, but once the New Moon comes on the 13th — look out, world! The seductive, vivacious lioness is back in full form. Your social calendar is blowing up, and you’re now inspired to try on a whole new look.


You’ll encounter some resistance this week, Virgo, when it comes to coworkers and/or friends. There’s an edgy vibe out there that will only result in hurt feelings, so try your best to move past it. The New Moon means amazing things for your career as well as your social status. Keep your head up high. You got this.


You’re feeling really in your zone this week, Libra. There’s an aura of goodwill and openness around you, which means you’ll be linking up with new opportunities and potentially new friendships, too. Your heart’s one true love is what you desire most, and thankfully, this New Moon is helping you get just that. Be patient.


Your moody vibe is being lifted to something lighter, Scorpio. You might feel a surge of adventure and optimism, which is a bit unusual for you, but the stars are urging you to just go with it. The New Moon in Gemini will make it easier for you to follow and trust your intuition.


Expect to have some pretty revealing conversations this week, Sag. Things might get a little awkward, but these discussions are long overdue. Let whatever comes to the surface, come. Also, don’t be surprised if a new love interest blows up your phone around the New Moon. Don’t be afraid to catch feels.


Time to work on yourself and the long game, Cappy. You’re a lone wolf by nature, but even you can get a case of FOMO. Don’t. You’re destined for big things and your focus depends on it. This New Moon is an amazing time to get organized and fire up that long-gestating project. This is your time.


You’re surrounded by tons of newness this week, Aquarius. New opportunities, new people, and a new attitude. Change can be risky, but it’s the only way we are able to fully let go of the past and move forward. And thanks to another new thing — the moon, that is — you are destined for new love, too.


You’ve been easily distracted lately, Pisces. There’s been a whirlwind of activity around you lately and you’ve been caught up in socializing, flirting, and maybe even some drama. Now it’s time to get clear and bring yourself back to Earth. Luckily the New Moon will help give you the courage to start anew.


There have been a lot of emotions brewing underneath the surface, Aries. You typically like to keep a strong upper lip, but it’s totally okay — and natural and healthy — to let it all out. In fact, you must let it out in order to complete a huge cycle of healing and transformation. Plant those New Moon seeds afterwards, and get ready for beautiful change.


Your theme this week, Taurus, as well as for the New Moon, is self-worth. What does that mean for you? What does that look like? For some, it might mean asking for a raise. For others, it might mean removing toxic people from your life. Whatever it is, believe that you are meant for bigger and better things. Because you are.

This week might hit us like a hurricane of change, bbs, but know that the ultimate result can be growth and fulfillment if we choose so. That way your summer solstice is bound to be bright and shiny and new — just like you.