Hell, Yes, Janelle Monáe Is Pro-Pubic Hair in Her New 'PYNK' Video

You can go ahead and call off the search for your next earworm, because we've got it: It's Janelle Monáe's new, empowering anthem, "PYNK," which features singer Grimes. On Tuesday, she dropped a video to accompany it, and it's basically a ladies-only dreamscape. In addition to the requisite pink tones and splashes throughout the video, Popsicles, poolside hangs, and natural hair abound, and it features enough unexpected moments—think underwear featuring feminist slogans and vagina pants (yes)—to have caused a stir.

In the video description, Monáe refers to her work as "a brash celebration of creation, self-love, sexuality, and pussy power!" (We like all of these things.) She goes on to write: "PYNK is the color that unites us all, for pink is the color found in the deepest and darkest nooks and crannies of humans everywhere. PYNK is where the future is born." It's an unabashed embrace of both femininity and queerness, which culminates in the main event, a.k.a. the part where she and her crew dance in huge, frilly pink pants. Do not be mistaken. These are definitely vagina pants.

<cite class="credit">Janelle Monae/Youtube</cite>
Janelle Monae/Youtube

We admit: That's a scene-stealer. But a moment that's received far less attention from the masses is when Monáe stands up and proudly shows off both her underwear (emblazoned with "SEX CELLS," a pun for the ages) and pubic hair peeking out from beneath it. And, lest you think it's a mistake, the camera zooms in on it.

<cite class="credit">JANELLE MONAE/YOUTUBE</cite>

We're solidly pro do whatever you want when it comes to your body hair habits (and/or everything), but no matter how you slice it, pubic hair can offer serious health benefits, such as protecting your vulva and vagina from infection and minimizing abrasions during sex. Monáe's move seems like a nod to the evolution of pubic hair, which has only recently stopped being quite so taboo (though women are still subjected to pube-shaming). Since research shows that most women groom it to suit their partner's preference, Monáe's pubic-hair pride seems to suggest that going au naturel is totally normal and completely fine—as long as you're doing it for yourself.

You can watch the full video in all its girly glory here:

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See the video.