Heidi Montag Reveals She's Gained 25 Pounds in the First 6 Months of Her Pregnancy

Heidi Montag's getting real with her pregnancy! The 30-year-old reality star has been regularly updating fans on the process as she and husband, Spencer Pratt, prepare to welcome their first child together.

On Monday, Montag took to Snapchat to document a doctor's appointment, going in for an ultrasound and glucose test.

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"So excited to see my little baby today," Montag declared as she entered her Santa Monica, California, doctor's office.

But her excitement was short-lived when she stepped on the scale.

"I've already gained 25 pounds! I mean, no big deal, right? Just three more months to go at 4 pounds a month," Montag said sarcastically with a frown.

Montag went on to note, "So I'll only gain about 40 pounds or so, some women gain 25. I think I over ate."

But she put aside her weight gain qualms to see the ultrasound of her baby boy, who seems to already have a stubborn streak.

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"He is just hiding!" Montag said, showing the ultrasound screen. "Should I do some jumping jacks?"

For more from Montag and Pratt, watch the clip below!

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