Heidi Klum Says This Was Her Favorite Halloween Costume Ever—and It’s Not What You Might Expect

Heidi Klum.<p>Lionel Hahn/Getty Images</p>
Heidi Klum.

Lionel Hahn/Getty Images

While on Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast, which was released on streaming platforms on Wednesday, supermodel Heidi Klum talked about everything from her modeling career to her personal life and more.

During their discussion, the 29-year-old podcaster also asked the 50-year-old Halloween queen what her favorite costume over the years has been, and Klum did not hesitate with her answer.

“I loved being really old,” the SI Swimsuit legend stated of her Halloween getup from 2013. “Just because people are always riding around on this being old and, ‘Aren’t you too old to do this, aren’t you too old to do that?’ and I turned 40 and then I was like, ‘Everyone is just banging on about that I should hang up everything that I’m doing because I’m so old,’ and then I’m like, ‘old, old, old,’ I show them old, is what I thought and that’s how I thought of making myself 90- or 100-years-old. So I loved that, because like every part of my body that you could see had to be aged.”

Heidi Klum’s unforgettable 2013 Halloween costume.<p>Andrew Toth/Getty Images</p>
Heidi Klum’s unforgettable 2013 Halloween costume.

Andrew Toth/Getty Images

For the occasion, the mom of four wore a vintage Chanel ensemble and accessorized with a tan handbag, a pearl necklace and tan pointed-toe flats adorned with black bows. As for accessories, she walked the red carpet with the help of a cane.

In her conversation with Cooper, Klum noted that she also adored her viral worm costume from Halloween of 2022—which was the answer we were betting she would respond with. Either way, both are iconic looks!

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