Heida Reed Shares Loving Message to Fans After 'FBI: International' Exit

Heida Reed as Special Agent Jamie Kellett

Heida Reed is saying goodbye to Special Agent Jamie Kellett after that eventful opener for FBI: International Season 3. In the episode, her character managed to survive the sudden explosion of the Fly Team's headquarters, and all of her colleagues escaped (although not all were unscathed). However, their moment of celebration over the fact that the team was "intact" was cut short when Kellett revealed she was leaving Budapest for D.C.

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"I'm leaving. I'm transferring to the Washington Field Office. I leave tomorrow," she told them suddenly. She went on to say more emotional goodbyes to everyone and headed off on a train with the name "June" drawn on her palm with a smirk.

After the episode aired, Reed took to Instagram to continue those goodbyes by addressing the fans and writing, "Thank you SO MUCH to the fans for letting Jamie into your hearts 💕 Agent Kellett out! ✈️ #fbiinternational."

Ahead of the premiere, showrunner Matt Olmstead told Parade there'd be a "major loss" in the initial episode, which immediately picked up with the aftermath of the explosion: "The explosion not only takes the building that houses the off-site office down but sends a huge ripple effect through the team. There ends up being a major injury—and a major loss," he teased. What we didn't know was that there'd be two pretty major losses for the team, including the shooting death of their suspect-turned-key informant Olivia Thornton (Kristen Connelly) and the departure of Kellett.

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Reed's exit from the series was first announced in December 2023 and was due to "creative differences," per Entertainment Weekly. News of her impending departure came shortly after FBI: International got a new addition in Special Agent Amanda Tate (Christina Wolfe), an intel analyst who is expected to bring "new energy and expertise" to the Fly Team.

FBI: International airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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