Hectic Crowds, Surfing Chaos at Malibu (Watch)

Los Angeles is notoriously crowded.

So, it makes sense that (arguably) the best (or at least most well-known) surf spot in the region is just as crowded during primetime swell season as rush hour on the 405.

Check out the clip above from Los Angeles surf filmer, Brad Jacobson.

It’s absolute carnage. Mayhem. Insanity.

Surfing here more closely resembles a contact sport, than a mellow, mostly solitary pursuit. But that’s the ‘Bu for ya…at least, these days.

Everybody’s gone surfin’, surfin’ USA.

And yes, people had a lot to say in the comments section:

“There’s not enough money in the world to get me out there.”

“Why even bother surfing here.”

“Bless their hearts, they’re really trying.”

“Looks like Snapper but nobody knows how to surf.”

Drop-ins, collisions, fails, bails, nosedives…you name it. And this is just a small taste of it; Jacobson will likely drop a full YouTube clip of the madness soon, like he did recently from a similarly chaotic session at El Porto. Stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, maybe Malibu surfers can take a page out of Eric Geiselman’s book. Crowds are inevitable in surfing’s future; but here’s one way to deal with 'em:

Malibu Stats/Info

Wave Type: Righthand pointbreak

Bottom: Rocks, sand

Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced

Crowd: Heavy

Ideal Swell Direction: S, SW, WSW

Season: March to October

Best Equipment: Literally any type of surf craft imaginable


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