Heather Graham Is *So* Sculpted Dancing Around In This Video In A Bikini

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  • Heather Graham knows how to flaunt what she's got. The actress posted a video compilation of her fabulous dance moves in several bikinis on Instagram this weekend.

  • The 52-year-old showed off her epically toned abs and booty in her string bikinis, and she looked like she was having the time of her life.

  • Heather has been a devoted yogi for years, and is obsessed with guacamole.

Life is a beach for Heather Graham! The Scrubs actress shared a cute reel of her dancing in her plethora of little string bikinis and coverups while relaxing on vacation, and I am so here for it!

Heather's legs and abs are super toned as she dances to "Time (You and I)" by Khruangbin. First, Heather frolics in the ocean wearing a white string bikini. Then we can see the star breaking it down in a flowy white cover-up. And she finishes the video in a black string bikini that she pulls off in a way only Heather Graham could.

“Loving the ocean and my beautiful brilliant friend @feministabulous in Turks and Caicos," the 52-year-old star captioned her video.

Ah, to be on vacation with gal pals Heather and author/feminist icon Liz Plank. Truly the dream! I mean could they be any cuter? Friendship GOALS.

Fans filled Heather’s comments with lots of love for the star. “Cutieee. Also great song choice ❤️," actress Vanessa Hudgens wrote. Another person asked, “🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥DO YOU EVER AGE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥,” and the answer appears to be...nope!

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So how does Heather stay in proper beach-prancing shape?

Well, for one, she is a yoga and Pilates devotee, and has been for years. "I’m obsessed with yoga," she told Refinery 29 back in 2013. "For fun, I would go on a yoga retreat and do four hours of yoga a day. And then I do Pilates. I also like going out dancing." To this day, she still gets her yoga on.


"My yoga teacher in LA is a friend, and I’ve often said her classes are like healthy raves," Heather told Woman & Home. "She plays upbeat music, which not a lot of yoga teachers do, and it distracts you from the pain."


Heather also really likes to mix things up, including going horseback riding. Here she is pictured atop a lovely equine gentleman named Rooster.

Heather — like the true queen she is — also doesn’t skip out on her Zs. In 2016, she told The Guardian, "I love sleeping...When I tell people how much I sleep sometimes, they are horrified. I basically sleep between nine and 12 hours a night."

She also previously told Women's Health UK she spent at least 20 minutes a day doing transcendental meditation.

When it comes to her diet, Heather tries to stick to healthy ingredients. "I cook healthy food, and love getting creative with salads – one of my favourites is a salad with broccoli, hazelnuts, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes. It’s delicious," she told Woman & Home. Yum, Heather!


Oh, and she loves avocados, apparently. "Guacamole’s a bit of an obsession of mine. I make loads of it," she told the outlet.

And there you have it, the Heather Graham guide to health and wellness!

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