Heather Gay breaks down all the drama going into ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ Season 3

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Heather Gay is well aware that The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City feels as if it’s playing out on the fast track.

While looking ahead at the franchise’s third season for the most recent episode of In The Know’s We Should Talk interview series, the Beauty Lab + Laser owner wasn’t shy about sharing her thoughts on the upcoming drama.

“I’ve watched Housewives from the beginning, and I feel like we have been in turbo years. We have had sonic years, where every year is like 10 years of drama,” Gay told In The Know. “The drama we’ve experienced, the shifts in cast, the issues. … it’s Season 3, but we’re seasoned Housewives.”

Throughout the interview, she also discussed her thoughts on her co-star and friend Jen Shah, who recently shocked the world by pleading guilty to the charges against her; on where she stands in her rocky relationship with Whitney Rose; on the fallout between Lisa Barlow and Meredith Marks; and on what fans can expect from Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip 3.

Listen to In The Know’s full interview with Heather Gay below, and keep reading for highlights from the episode:

On whether or not she feels betrayed by Jen Shah suddenly pleading guilty: The fact that she’s getting sentenced on Nov. 28 affects everyone’s relationship with her going forward, you know? I signed up for Jen day one, and if I’m going to ride with her when it’s fun and high, and she’s the queen bee and MVP, then I’m going to ride with her when it’s low, even if it means getting trolled by America. I ride hard for Jen Shah. I was absolutely devastated, I think as a lot of people were, to have her plead guilty and face this, but I focus less on how I felt about it and what it meant for me and our friendship and just focus on what that took for her to do and what it means for her family — and how it kind of changed everything. I’ve really just been thinking about her and what she’s facing. If the stakes were high when she was high, when she was fighting for her innocence, the stakes are even higher now that she’s being accountable for what she said she’s done.

On her friendship with Whitney Rose: We definitely have some heated arguments, but I am loyal to a fault. I want to always be friends, and even when people tell me to my face that they don’t like me or don’t want to be my friend, I’m like, “…yet!” I don’t know what to say, because after doing press, I’m getting bombarded by the fact that Whitney doesn’t like me. OK, message received! Whitney hates me now, and I was unaware. Now I will have to react and respond to that, but guess what? I’ve been here before, and I’m used to taking it from my friends. […] Whitney showed up for me all season. She was there for me in so many ways all season, and I didn’t think the theme of this season was a falling-out.

On seeing hope for Meredith Marks and Lisa Barlow’s relationship: I think absolutely. I know I’m a bit Pollyanna with this, but I think absolutely their friendship is mendable. They have so much in common, starting with the fact that neither of them can twerk. … When you look at our group of friends, it just makes sense that Lisa and Meredith would be friends. They’re like the two swans that are cooler than all of us. There has to be reproach there, [and] there has to be reconciliation, but it will take time. Meredith is not as easily swayed as the rest of us are by Lisa’s style and charm. Lisa’s a big-city girl, and it’s easy to get lost in the star power of her. Same with Jen, but Meredith is immune to all of that.

On her decision to write Bad Mormon, despite what her family thinks: The truth is that I became a “bad Mormon” the second I decided to be a Real Housewife. That shock and that Band-Aid’s been ripped off. My family has seen me make sex jokes and drink on camera and not wear my garments and not follow any of the tenets of our faith, but there’s another layer to Mormonism, and it’s a lot of our secret acts and rituals. They’re sacred, and we don’t ever share them. So, to share them and speak them out loud is … outer darkness. No question. It’s kind of like, to speak those things out loud in the book, which is what I do by talking about my experience in Mormonism, it’s a love letter to the religion that broke my heart. A big part of that religion was what they considered secret that I could never share, but I did share a lot of that in the book. I talk about things that other former Mormons refuse to share, because we had made covenants that we could rather suffer our own life be taken rather than reveal these secrets.

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