This Heated Eye Massager Is ‘A Must’ for Shoppers With Dry Eyes, and It’s 65% Off for Black Friday

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Having dry, achy eyes isn’t fun. Your instinct is to rub and itch them, but usually that just results in making them even drier, itchier, and more irritated — and impossible problem to solve, TBH. We’re big fans of weighted eye masks over here, and they can be helpful, but you know what sounds even better? A heated, automated eye massage, which is exactly what the RENPHO Eyeris 1 Eye Massager promises to do. And according to the reviews, it really does work — and, as an extra bonus, it’s currently 65 percent (!) off for Black Friday.

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The Eyeris 1 looks a little like a sleep mask, but with an extra shell of hard plastic. It uses a few different strategies to help you release tension and find relief from eye pain, dry eyes, and even migraines. The Eyeris 1 contains compression pads within the shell of plastic that inflate and deflate “around 10 acupuncture points located around you eyes,” the brand says. The eye massager also heats up, which can help to loosen tense muscles, and can connect to your phone via Bluetooth to play relaxing music while you get your personal eye massage.

Shop the RENPHO Eyeris Eye Massager on Sale on Amazon
Shop the RENPHO Eyeris Eye Massager on Sale on Amazon

RENPHO Eyeris 1 Eye Massager

$45.99 $129.99 65% off

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The massage doesn’t just focus directly on your eyes, though. It also targets the area directly around them, including your temples, which some shoppers said was their favorite part. “The star of this show is your temples,” one shopper wrote. “I absolutely love how it massages the side of your head.”

Another shopper who said they get frequent eye aches called the product “a must” for sore, achy eyes. “Worth every penny,” they wrote. Another customer described the product as “chefs kiss” (aka perfect), saying that they’re usually stressed out at the end of the day due to their job as a nurse, “but I put this thing on and it’s like I’m at a spa!” They continued, “the pressure on the temples is amazing. I felt all the tension go away and couldn’t believe the pressure and heat going around from my temples to my sinuses and around my eyes.”

With its heated and physical massage components, Eyeris 1 might be a good option for people who stare at screens all day, which can strain and dry out your eyes, per Mayo Clinic. Temple massage can also help treat migraines in the short term, Mayo Clinic notes, as it’s an effective way to release tension.

The RENPHO Eyeris 1 is usually $129, but right now it’s listed at $45 on Amazon thanks to a massive black Friday sale. That’s a full 65 percent off, so if you’re feeling at all intrigued, now is definitely the time to buy. Especially if you’re often plagued by migraines, eye aches, and dry eyes, this super high-tech eye massager might be one to try.

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