Heat vs Lakers Game 2 Best Bets

Yahoo Sports' Zach Schwartz shares his bets for the Heat vs. Lakers game.

Video Transcript


ZACH SCHWARTZ: I'm Zach Schwartz with Yahoo Sports, here to give you my betting insights for the NBA Finals Game 2 between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. Before we do that, BetMGM has a super interesting promo going on right now. If you bet $1 on either side to hit a 3, you can win $100. So go ahead and take advantage that. That's over at BetMGM.

Now, the Lakers were dominant in Game 1, all but for that first quarter. I was 3 for 3 on picks out of that first game. We hit Bam Adebayo's point total under, AD's point total over, and then the spread. Now, as soon as we heard that Goran Dragic was going to be out for Game 2 and likely this series, you knew that line was going to move from 5 because, anticipated, it was probably going to move to 6 and 1/2 if the Lakers won, bought and covered. But now it's up to 9, 9 and 1/2.

I think you're going to go ahead and take the Heat here at 9 and 1/2. So Heat plus 9 and 1/2, really intriguing. What worries me a little bit for the Lakers is the number of 3s that they hit in that last game. Towards the second half of that game, when the Heat made those little comeback runs, you saw the Lakers missing their 3-point shots. So that is a little bit worrisome if you're thinking the Lakers are going to cover such a large spread.

The other bets that I like for this one is Anthony Davis' point total over, again, especially-- especially-- if Bam Adebayo is sidelined. It's going to be incredibly difficult for the Heat to match up and stop Anthony Davis.

Another bet that I really like is Tyler Herro's point total over. Now, in that last game, we saw how good Tyler Herro was down the stretch, and I think that'll help him feel really comfortable going into his next game.

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