‘Heartstopper’ Season 3: Everything You Need to Know, Including the Cast, Plot & More

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*Warning: Minor season 2 spoilers ahead*

PSA: Nick and Charlie are making a comeback in Heartstopper season three—although we can't say we're too surprised.

The Netflix rom-com, which is based on Alice Oseman's graphic novels and webcomic of the same name, has been praised by critics for its charming cast and positive representation of trans and queer teens. (Just check out the rave reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.) Plus, several cast members have spoken out about why it's such a major hit.

Yasmin Finney, who plays Elle on the series, told Independent, “I think Heartstopper has struck a chord because of the simple fact that trans people didn’t have representation growing up. And even if you’re not queer, it’s just nice to be able to see some positive, youthful, wholesome content. Whether you’re queer or not, it’s a world of positivity and escapism, which I think a lot of people need—especially with the tough time that we’re in.”

Fortunately for fans, there's a new chapter on the horizon, and Netflix has already teased a few updates, from the cast and plot to the filming schedule. Keep reading for all the details on Heartstopper season three.

1. When Was Heartstopper Season 3 Confirmed?

In May 2022—just a month after the premiere of season one—Netflix confirmed that the coming-of-age series has been renewed for not one, but two seasons. On Twitter, Netflix announced, "[Two] more seasons of Heartstopper!" The tweet also included a shot of Oseman proudly holding up a sketch of Nick and Charlie.

In a follow-up tweet, which includes footage of the author creating the sketch, Netflix added, "Can't wait for @AliceOseman and co. to do even more wonderful things with these characters!"

Naturally, the cast was thrilled to share the good news with fans. On Instagram, Joe Locke shared some behind-the-scenes photos and wrote, "HOW MANY MORE SEASONS???," along with peace sign emojis. Finney also followed suit by sharing snaps with her cast mates and a few original sketches from the webcomic. She wrote, "[Two] More Seasons Plz."

Netflix further celebrated the show’s third season in March 2024, when it released a brand-new video featuring behind-the-scenes footage.

“The positive reaction from season two has really boosted all of our confidence,” one cast member says in the clip. “I can’t wait for you guys to see.”

2. What Is the Plot for Heartstopper Season 3?

Netflix / Samuel Dore

Netflix has yet to reveal what the third season will be about. However, since the series has been following the same timeline as the graphic novels (season one was based on volumes one and two, while season two covered volume three), it's safe to say that season three will be based on the events of volume four, which further explores Charlie's eating disorder and, of course, his romance with Nick.

The official synopsis for the fourth installment reads, “Charlie and Nick's relationship has been going really well, and Charlie thinks he's ready to say those three little words: I love you. Nick feels the same way, but he's got a lot on his mind—especially the thought of coming out to his dad and the fact that Charlie might have an eating disorder. As a new school year begins, Charlie and Nick will have to learn what love really means.”

It's also worth noting that the title of season three's first episode totally aligns with this synopsis—and it happens to be that four-letter word that Nick and Charlie wanted to say to each other in season two.

In September 2023, Netflix gave fans a glimpse of the script for the first episode, which is fittingly called "Love." They captioned the pic, "Heartstopper Season 3. Episode 1. Love. That’s all we can tell you for now—but we’ll be back, as will Nick and Charlie."

Oseman hasn't revealed any plot details, but she did release a statement confirming that fans of her work already know what to expect. She said, “People who have read the comics will know what’s going to happen, but I don’t want to spoil it for people who haven’t been reading the comics. I think [season two’s ending] just sets up that conversation for next season. We know that Charlie loves Nick, and I think we know that Nick loves Charlie as well. It’s just about when and how they’re going to say that to each other.”

The writer also told Metro that mental health will be a big theme. She said, “In season two, we started to explore mental health in a big way, and I think it’s pretty obvious from the way we leave the season that is going to be a big element of season three. We’re going to continue to look at that in a big way and explore how that affects Nick and Charlie’s relationship, and all of the other friendships in the show.”

3. Who Is in the Cast of Heartstopper Season 3?

So far, Netflix confirmed that Kit Connor and Joe Locke will reprise their roles as Nick and Charlie. The rest of the main cast will also return, including Finney (Elle), Tobie Donovan (Isaac), William Gao (Tao), Corinna Brown (Tara), Kizzy Edgell (Darcy), Jenny Walser (Tori) and Rhea Norwood (Imogen). However, Oseman confirmed that Sebastian Croft, who starred as Ben, will not return.

“Ben’s role in Heartstopper is now complete,” she told Tudum. “I am so proud and honored that Sebastian has been a part of Heartstopper. I know that he’ll go on to do incredible things, and I will be cheering from the sidelines all the way.”

Fortunately, though, a new character will be joining the upcoming season. Meet actor Darragh Hand, aka Michael Holden.

In November 2023, Oseman made the announcement on Instagram and wrote, "Now some of you already figured this out, but for those who didn't, we're thrilled to be welcoming Darragh Hand as Michael Holden to the Heartstopper family for S3!"

The post includes behind-the-scenes pics of Hand posing alongide Walser, who plays Tori (Michael's girlfriend and Charlie's sister). Oseman contined, "As well as appearing in the Heartstopper graphic novels, Michael— along with Tori—is one of the main characters of my first ever novel, Solitaire. So I was very nervous and excited to begin the search for our Michael! Michael is a quirky, eccentric optimist with a sunshine disposition, and it was a challenge to find someone who I felt truly channelled Michael from the books. But then Darragh came along and warmed our hearts, made us all laugh so much, and perfectly complimented Jenny Walser’s Tori Spring. I can’t wait for you to meet Michael in season 3!"

4. Is Heartstopper Season 3 Currently Filming?

Well, no—but it's not because they haven't started. As it turns out, the third season has already completed filming, which means it won't be too long before the cast graces our screen again.

In December 2023, just two months after production officially began, Netflix tweeted a photo of Oseman holding a colorful slate while posing alongside Connor and Locke. The streaming platform captioned the pic, "And that is officially a wrap on Heartstopper Season 3."

5. What Is the Release Date for Heartstopper Season 3?

Netflix / Samuel Dore

Netflix hasn't announced the release date yet. However, since production has officially wrapped, the streaming service will likely confirm in the very near future.

FYI, filming for season two was completed in December 2022, and it aired on August 3, 2023, so it may be a similar timeline for season three. (We'll keep our eyes peeled for more announcements.)

6. Is There a Trailer?

Nope, no trailer yet, but fans will probably get to see a teaser early this summer. (Last year, the teaser for season two dropped on July 1, about a month before the premiere.) As soon as we hear updates, you'll be the first to know.

7. Where Can I Stream Heartstopper Seasons 1 and 2?

Netflix / Samuel Dore

Both seasons are available to stream on Netflix. So, whether you're still thinking about Nick's coming out scene or dying to relive Nick and Charlie's best moments, you can revisit these episodes to satisfy your Heartstopper craving.

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