What is the ‘this is my Heartstopper’ meme trend?

LGBTQIA+ fans are sharing their favorite queer content, earnestly and ironically, thanks to the “this is my Heartstopper” meme.

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Netflix’s new series Heartstopper is already beloved by fans. The coming-of-age romance based on a comic of the same name tells the story of two teen boys who fall in love. With so little LGBTQIA+ representation in the media, and even fewer options that don’t rely on offensive tropes like “bury your gays,” Heartstopper is earning a ton of praise.

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What is Netflix’s Heartstopper about?

The U.K.-based series follows Charlie Spring, a gay 15-year-old high school student, who falls in love with Nick Nelson, a boy who sits next to him. The heartfelt and sentimental show appears to strike a sweet spot with its low-stakes, teen romance. The characters aren’t tragic features, there aren’t horrible consequences due to their sexual identity and the queer characters exist in the text, not just the wink-wink-nudge-nudge subtext so many other shows rely upon.

The ‘this was my Heartstopper’ meme on Twitter

People have taken to celebrating the representation that was meaningful to them saying, “this was my Heartstopper.” But of course, with the internet, some of these examples are more serious than others.

The user @btvsarchive referenced Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s couple, Willow and Tara.

Others, like @taIesofbasingse, mentioned the anime Yuri on Ice.

The user @bencsmoke shared a scene from the British series Skins featuring Maxxi and Tony.

Meanwhile, @SH4LLOWGR4VE dubbed the relationship between Marvel’s Eddie Brock and the alien Venom.

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