Heartbroken Dog Returned to Shelter After New Dad Lost His Home

Not all surrenders are due to people being cruel.

It's tragic when a dog experiences homelessness, but couple that with their owner experiencing the same thing and it's devastating. There are roughly 582,462 people in America experiencing homelessness, and that makes providing food and shelter to their pets nearly impossible.

Which is why this clip posted by @HumaneBroward about a dog that was re-surrendered to them is so heartbreaking.

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The post reads: Sweet Molly was in our shelter for months, until one day she met her perfect match and was adopted. For a brief moment, she was living her best life. Well, sadly her adopter lost his home and had nowhere to go. He brought Molly back to the shelter and was sobbing the entire time.He and Molly are both heartbroken. Molly really needs a second chance at love.

@Redfisho511 comments, "I applaud the owner for loving this dog that he brought her back to give her a chance. So many abandoned dogs." @Patriciaas217 has an excellent idea, and asks, "Can you ask Molly's dad if we can set a go fund me for him to help get him on his feet and get them back together?!" @Dogs agrees, and posts, "Let’s help get him a home that’s pet friendly so he can have Molly back! I know we can do it tik tok!"

We will be keeping an eye on Molly's story and will post with any updates. here's hoping there's a happy ending for this beautiful girl and her owner!

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