Hear this: Simpsons-themed stoner-metal band Dr. Colossus rewards your knowledge of Springfield

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“Lard Lad” video
“Lard Lad” video

Who says having a mental library of Simpsons trivia is a useless skill?

Simpsons-themed metal is a tradition that will enter its second decade. Arizona heavy “Nedal” band Okilly Dokilly pretty much launched the genre with a style of music they describe as “Not as fast as Bartcore, and a little cleaner than Krusty Punk.” But there are other Springfield stalwarts looking to join their Ned Flanders-obsessed brethren, including Okilly Dokilly’s Australian tourmates Dr. Colossus.

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Named after Dr. Hector von Colsus, the ex-husband of Malibu Stacey creator Stacy Lovell, Melbourne’s own Dr. Colossus is about to release their second LP, I’m A Stupid Moron With An Ugly Face And A Big Butt And My Butt Smells And I Like To Kiss My Own Butt. The follow-up to 2017's The Dank, I’m A Stupid Moron... makes it clear that the band has given up their obsession with Moe’s Tavern. However, they are bringing in some serious remixes to stoner rock godfathers Sleep, with the lyric video for “Lard Lad.”

The video, which recasts the stoney-bologna druids from the cover for the Sleep album Dopesmoker with school bus driver Otto, should satisfy anyone who gets a tinge of excitement whenever their friend drops a deep-cut Simpsons reference. In fact, the whole song is a tribute to the “Treehouse Of Horror VI” segment “Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores.” Unfortunately, it would appear that Paul Anka was unavailable to throw down some guest vox. Still, his advice of “Just Don’t Look” won’t do you any favors here because “Lard Lad” is the perfect excuse to enjoy some riffs, spliffs, and Simpsons GIFs.

Check out the video for Lard Lad below. I’m A Stupid Moron With An Ugly Face And A Big Butt And My Butt Smells And I Like to Kiss My Own Butt premieres on May 26, so dust off that copy of The Simpsons episode guide and start studying.