Headphones Not Cutting It? Noise-Canceling Airplane Seats Are Coming


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Sometime on a flight in the near future, a baby will be screaming bloody murder directly behind you, the super chatty pilot will be making another worthless announcement on the PA (“Passengers on the right will see… a cloud”), and a drunk guy next to you will be rambling on and on about how music stopped being good in 1994.

But as you sit amid the in-flight cacophony, you won’t care. Why? Because you’ll be blissfully ensconced in a Quiet Bubble, an invisible cone of silence that drowns out the surrounding noise and allows you to sit in relative peace.


Silentium’s Quiet Bubble technology would create quiet zones around passengers. (Photo: Silentium)

That future may not be too far away. A company called “Silentium,” which specializes in noise-reduction products, is marketing noise-reduction technology called the “Quiet Bubble“ that would give passengers what the company calls their own "zones of quiet.”

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Quiet Bubble works very much like noise canceling headphones. The technology, which would be embedded right in your seat’s headrest, electronically captures and muffles the ambient noise of your environment. Silentium hopes airlines will install the Quiet Bubble system on planes as well as trains and automobiles.


Quiet Bubble technology can be embedded in seats and headrests. (Photo: Silentium)

The only kind of noise Silentium is interested in is the buzz its Quiet Bubble technology will get at airline industry trade shows. It will be featured at this month’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Seattle.

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