'Are You Having Me On?' Irish Father Left Red-Faced After Son's Speeding-Ticket Prank

An Irish family in County Cavan were left in hysterics on July 13 after an obliging father fell afoul of a practical joke by his son.

Oisin Gaffney rang his father from his car, telling him that he had been caught speeding by police. He tells his father, Matthew Gaffney, that he told police that he was rushing to help his father, who had fallen down a staircase. He then asks his father to lie on the floor at the foot of the stairs, as a patrol car was following him to the location of the alleged incident.

After arriving to the home of his father, Oisin Gaffney, along with his partner, Ceallsai O’Brien, who was capturing the footage, found Matthew lying on the floor by the bottom of the stairs.

Speaking to Storyful, O’Brien said, “Oisin thought his dad wouldn’t fall for this prank, which made it 100 times funnier when he actually did.” Credit: Ceallsai O’Brien via Storyful