Haven't heard of the 'migraine pose' on Instagram? Real sufferers don't find it amusing.

Emily Ratajkowski doing the “migraine pose.” (Photo: Emily Ratajkowski via Instagram)
Emily Ratajkowski doing the “migraine pose.” (Photo: Emily Ratajkowski via Instagram)

Trends on Instagram can begin and end so quickly that people don’t have a chance to post a selfie honoring the new hashtag properly. While people on your Insta feed may be trying to perfect “Barbie Feet” or “the Shiggy,” there’s another social media trend that has garnered a lot of attention — but not for a positive reason.

The “migraine pose,” a term coined by makeup artist Nam Vo, according to Elle, is when a person poses with one or two hands pulling their face up by their temples.

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The resulting look appears that she’s holding her head in pain and seeking relief from a migraine. The real reason they’re holding their face in that way is likely due to its benefits: It lifts your eyebrows, shows off your cheekbones, and tightens your face.

Vo told Elle that she often has her models, who include the likes of Kylie Jenner, do the “migraine pose.”

Finally out @kyliejenner for ❤️LOVE ❤️ magazine 🙏

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Actual migraine sufferers, however, are not pleased with the appropriation of their painful reality.

Nearly 18 percent of women suffer from the neurological disorder, and they’re hoping that taking over the #migrainepose tag will draw more awareness to their plight.

According to the Migraine Trust, the World Health Organization considers migraine to be as debilitating as dementia, paraplegia, and active psychosis, and classifies chronic migraine as more disabling than blindness, paraplegia angina, or rheumatoid arthritis.

The recent attention on social media has even encouraged a Change.org petition advocating for more awareness of migraine sufferers.

Vo has since apologized and removed the hashtag from her original post. She wrote, “{Hi my Dewey Dumplings, my apologies. This wasn’t meant to be offensive or hurt anyone’s feelings. I am touched by the personal stories that you have all shared. I love all my Dumplings and want you all to be happy and healthy! Its all about the LOVE.}”

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