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Have a knack for killing plants? Target shoppers rave about these self-watering pots, starting at just $3.

No green thumb, no problem: They'll dote on thirsty ferns or easy-going succulents with equal skill, reviewers say.

Target self-watering planters
Target shoppers love how lightweight and modern these self-watering planters are, especially for the price. (Target)

Keeping plants alive sounds easy enough, right? For the most part, all they need is water and sunlight. The problem: Like people, no two plants are the same. For example, a snake plant can go weeks without water, while it's nearly impossible to over-water a Boston fern. You can do your research and take notes on how to care for different kinds of greenery, or you can get one of these self-watering planters that over 6,000 Target shoppers rave about. They start at just $3 — not a lot of green for those of us without green thumbs.

This planter takes the guesswork out of when to water and when to hold off.

$3 at Target

These planters are almost totally hands-off. They have a built-in reservoir that retains water at the bottom of the pot. Your job? Simply keep the tray filled with water. Of course, the frequency with which you'll need to fill it will depend on the plant and the size, but it's generally once a week or every other week. Think you can do that? We believe in you.

The plant draws up as much water as it needs from the reservoir, whenever it needs it. That means you won't have to constantly check the soil, and it decreases the chances you'll accidentally over- or under-water.

The self-watering planters come in five sizes, ranging from 4 inches to 20 inches, and several colors. They're also incredibly lightweight, not to mention ultra-affordable, leaving you plenty of room in the budget to fill them with your favorite greenery. For example, you can get the 4-inch or 8-inch planter for $3, and the 20-inch planter is only $30.

Out of nearly 6,600 Target shoppers, 89% said they would recommend these planters. Customers raved about how modern they look, especially given the price, and how lightweight and versatile they are — you can use them indoors or outdoors.

"You honestly can’t beat the price given the quality," wrote one happy customer. "They’re plastic but sturdy. And the matte color makes them appear more expensive than they are. They’re self-watering, so perfect for someone like me who has showered many plants with too much love. All of the plants I’ve transferred to these planters are doing better now than they were before."

"Love this planter," said another. "I can add water to the bottom of the planter and go a couple weeks before having to water again. ... No more mess on the top, plus no overflow. The plastic is sturdy, so I don’t have to worry that the planter will crack."

"Slowly building a green thumb with these pots," shared another satisfied shopper. "I just started to grow indoor plants, and these pots are super affordable, especially when I’ve purchased multiple and will continue to add to my green collection. It keeps my plants from getting too dry, just enough to keep them moist."

Some more experienced plant parents shared that they didn't use the self-watering feature and instead used the reservoir as a drip tray. Others said there is a learning curve to removing the reservoir to fill it with water.

"Affordable planter in many sizes," wrote a reviewer. "I often use it as a catcher for excess water when watering and then pour it out. Good way to ensure the soil and roots aren't being overly soaked in water though. Have 5+ of these. The base can be tricky to get off and on but does the job!"

Grab a mini 4-inch planter for your windowsill or this larger 12-inch pot to keep out on your patio this spring.

$8 at Target

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