Harvard grad student reportedly kicked out of apartment after roommates found her legally owned guns

A Harvard graduate student claims she was kicked out of her Massachusetts apartment because her roommates were “uncomfortable” with her keeping guns in the home.

“What I find uncomfortable is coming home to find out that six people I barely know went into my bedroom without permission and went through every single one of my drawers, without any regard to my privacy whatsoever,” Leyla Pirnie, a 24-year-old from Alabama, told the Washington Free Beacon.

Pirnie claims her roommates searched her room because she owned a “Make American Great Again” hat and was from the South, though none of her roommates have been identified. In an interview with Fox News Insider, the grad student explained that she had an officer from the Somerville Police Department inspect her guns to assure her roommates and landlord that they were legal.

But she says her landlord later sent an email kicking her out of the apartment regardless.

In an email obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, Avid Management president Dave Lewis told Pirnie and her roommates that “it would be best for all parties if she finds another place to live” since she wanted to keep her firearms.

“I’m truly sorry that this has occurred but I think it’s important to remember that we are all human beings and we need to try to respect one another, irrespective of one’s different beliefs and lifestyle choices,” Lewis wrote. Avid Management couldn’t be reached for further comment.

Lewis wrote that one of the roommates had recently lost a friend in a shooting and suffered from PTSD. Pirnie argued that she kept a gun for protection after escaping an abusive relationship.

Fellow gun owners were outraged that Pirnie was asked to move out, and the Yelp page for Avid Management was filled with angry reviews.

If you possess legally owned firearms don’t bother renting or leasing from this outfit. They have a zero tolerance policy. Although it probably is not in Writing,” a woman from Georgia wrote.

Pirnie told Fox News Insider that multiple lawyers have reached out offering their services, but she hasn’t decided if she’ll fight the management company’s decision in court.

Yahoo Lifestyle was not able to reach Pirnie for comment.

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