Harry Styles shows off new buzz cut while celebrating the launch of his fragrance

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Harry Styles is showing off his new shaved head look.

Styles' beauty brand, Pleasing, posted a photo of the singer Nov. 15 on Instagram to announce the unveiling of his new fragrance line.

In the pic, Styles' wears a black-and-white sweater while staring into the camera. His normally long and wavy locks have been shaved down to a dark buzz cut. Facial stubble gives him the hint of a beard and mustache.

"Our Founder, Harry Styles, toasts the launch of Pleasing Fragrance with friends in London. November, 2023," the caption of the photo reads.

While many of Styles' fans applauded his bold new look in the comments of his post, some responded with less positive feedback.

"I will never recover from this," wrote one.

"A part of me loves it, a part of me is crying on my bedroom floor," said someone else.

The new image of the 29-year-old musician, who recently ended his two-year long tour, comes a little more than a week after Complex reported that he was spotted in Las Vegas with what appeared to be a shaved head.

An earlier photo of Styles' new cut went viral on Nov. 9 causing fans to freak out online. But this is not the first time the star has made headlines with a new hairstyle.

Throughout the years, the pop super star has had a very public hair evolution, making news with his shocking new cuts every year.

Here's a timeline of when the star created a stir online with his new look.

2012: The 1D classic look

One Direction Interview With ET Canada Host Cheryl Hickey (George Pimentel / WireImage)
One Direction Interview With ET Canada Host Cheryl Hickey (George Pimentel / WireImage)

Two years after competing on the "X Factor," the then 17-year-old boy band superstar sported his signature One Direction shag.

Also dubbed his "Lego hair," Style sported this classic messy bowl cut for the first few years of his music career. The band would later drop their second studio album, "Take Me Home," in November.

2014: The fedora hat

2014 American Music Awards - Arrivals (Steve Granitz / WireImage)
2014 American Music Awards - Arrivals (Steve Granitz / WireImage)

In 2014, the "Fine Line" singer was pictured wearing a new fedora hat while on the AMAs red carpet with his fellow band mates. Styles began to grow his hair long, and his Mick Jagger inspired hairdo had fans screaming during the band's "Where We Are" world tour.

2015: The Fabio look

2015 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals (Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic)
2015 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals (Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic)

Styles' hair only got longer, which helped to solidify his status as a pop superstar. His long locks also marked a new era for the band as a foursome, following Zayn Malik's exit after five years together according to TODAY.

2017: The "Dunkirk" debut


The "Harry's House" sensation teased a new hair cut on Instagram in May 2016, which caused some fans to mourn the loss of his flowing locks. But their laminations were cut short when Styles later unveiled a new, refined, James Bond inspired hairdo at the 2017 world premiere of "Dunkirk," which marked his first starring role in a movie.

Fans had plenty to say about Styles new cut. One fan addressed his new cut on Twitter, formerly known as X, writing, "Looks good short or long. It's not the hair but the person behind the hair."

Another fan wrote, "dunkirk 2017 would have been a major flop if not for harry styles joining the cast and bravely getting a haircut."

One user, who referred to themselves as the "CEO of all Harry Styles' haircuts," said that "Dunkirk Harry/2017 Harry just hits d i f f e r e n t."

2017: The lone artist

Harry Styles Performs On NBC's
Harry Styles Performs On NBC's

2017 was a big year for the "Sign of the Times" singer because it also marked his first year as a solo artist. The global superstar sported a straight and refined pompadour, minus his signature waves, while debuting his solo music live to screaming fans for the first time on "TODAY."

2019: The mushroom cut

The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes On Fashion - Arrivals (Karwai Tang / Getty Images)
The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes On Fashion - Arrivals (Karwai Tang / Getty Images)

A year later, Styles had regrown his luscious locks, to chop it all off again.

In 2019, the singer sent fans into a frenzy when he donned a mushroom cut that featured his famous strands in a close cut fringe. While on a trip to Italy, the musician was captured debuting the new hairdo on Instagram in a picture with a fan's parent.

Fans had a big response to the singer's surprise fringe cut. One posted their stunned reaction on X, writing, "I'M SORRY BUT WTF HAS HARRY STYLES JUST DONE TO HIS HAIR!"

Another addressed some of the criticism Styles received from his new hairdo, defending the star by writing, "some people really unstanned harry styles because of his hair??? his HAIR???? why are y’all like this lmao."

However, one X user called Styles new look their "favourite harry styles hair style."

2020: The "Dunkirk" Harry returns

Harry Styles performs on February 26, 2020 in NYC.  (JNI/Star Max / GC Images)
Harry Styles performs on February 26, 2020 in NYC. (JNI/Star Max / GC Images)

Styles' fans went into shock after the singer was spotted sporting a similar look to the hairstyle he had during his "Dunkirk" debut. The icon's signature curls were on full display, with a little extra length, while he performed in NYC at the "TODAY" Show.

Once again, fans had plenty to say about Styles' new sleek look. One fan on X wrote, “this is dunkirk harry but UPGRADED bc of the curls in top...im living.”

Another fan, who had captured a shot with him a few months before his performance on the show, noted that Styles' new hairstyle had started a "whole entire new era."

Meanwhile, on fan poked fun at Styles' hair evolution, writing on X that "in one week we've got frat boy harry, prince harry, and now dunkirk harry. HE CUT HIS HAIR."

2021: The "My Policeman" pompadour

Styles was captured sporting a gelled up pompadour in 2021 on the set of "My Policeman," where he played Tom Burgess, a troubled police officer struggling to come to terms with his sexuality in 1957, a time when homosexuality was illegal in his town.

The film was first announced in 2020, and was later released in 2022, but not before his 50s style hairdo made major headlines again, according to GQ.

2022: The "Don't Worry Darling" hairdo

The "Love on Tour" vocalist was photographed sporting a more effortless and laid back coiffed look for his lead role in "Don't Worry Darling", which debuted in 2022.

According to Variety, the star's hair posed a problem on the set while filming. The idea was to give Harry's hair an oily, stringy appearance. However both Jaime Leigh McIntosh, the hair department head, and Heba Thorisdottir, the makeup head, couldn't remove the volume in Styles' course hair despite flat-ironing it numerous times.

2023: The stubbled sensation

Image: 65th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals (Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images)
Image: 65th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals (Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images)

Harry stole the show at the 65th annual Grammy Awards pairing a Gucci tinsel jumpsuit with a neatly trimmed coif. His single curl falls perfectly against his forehead paying homage to former bandmate, Zayn Malik, who made headlines in 2014 after his signature single strand went viral at the AMAs, according to Buzzfeed.

Aside from his fashion forward look, Styles took home the Grammy Award for album of the year, becoming the second male British solo artist to win since George Michael, who won in 1989 for his album, "Faith."

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