Harry Styles Debuted His Latest Hair Quarantine Facial Hair Look: A Mario Mustache

Hilary Weaver
Photo credit: Twitter
Photo credit: Twitter

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Harry Mustache has a new pandemic pal: his brand new mustache. While he was visiting Italy and chef Massimo Bottura, he took a photo posing with a bottle of balsamic vinegar. Featured in that photo along with Styles was his Burt Reynolds/Mario mustache.

Here they are:

Last month, we saw that Styles had committed to the quarantine facial hair look with a mustache and beard. Now, it seems as if he's bid farewell to the beard and opted for a little 1970s throwback look. With this look—complete with the tinted sunglasses—he looks like he might just fit in on any number of sitcoms currently running on Nick at Nite.

Besides growing excellent facial hair, Styles has been spending his time in quarantine doing other productive things, including learning both Italian and sign language. In a March interview with 1Xtra radio, he shared that he's been trying to make the most of this down time.

"It's a little difficult, but it's all right. I'm lucky I'm with friends in our little safe self-isolation pod," he said. "It's a very strange time but we’re just being careful, listening to music, playing games, doing some face masks, you know, the classic quarantine stuff!"

He added that he thinks now is a good time to learn new things, such as a language or two: "Now is the perfect time to learn a new skill or try a new hobby or something, right? We have nothing but time. I was learning Italian, and I was doing some sign language classes."

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