Harry Potter Fans Vexed as Commuter Train Thwarts View of 'Hogwarts Express'

Hard-core Harry Potter fans who waited in line for hours on September 28 to see the steam-powered train that was used in the film series at a station in Clydebank, Scotland, had their view of the locomotive blocked by a passing commuter train.

The historic UK steam train ‘Jacobite,’ which served as the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter film series, traveled through Scotland on Monday afternoon.

Potter enthusiasts waited for hours to see the Jacobite at Drumry station only for fans on one platform to have their view of the locomotive obscured by an unfortunately timed ScotRail commuter train.

This video, recorded by Ross Gilmour, shows the commuter train completely blocking the view for crowds on a platform at the station.

“Went to Drumry station to see the Hogwarts Express pass through. So here’s a nice video of the 18:26 to Edinburgh in the way of it,” Gilmour said. Credit: Ross Gilmour via Storyful