What happens at the end of Never Have I Ever season 4?

never have i ever ending explained
Never Have I Ever season 4 ending explainedNetflix

Season four of Never Have I Ever just dropped on Netflix and we’re still not quite ready to say goodbye to Devi, Fabiola, Eleanor and the rest of the Sherman Oaks gang yet. The final season (cries!) of the hit comedy show, co-created by Mindy Kaling, sees Devi and her friends go to prom, apply to college and more. Seriously, it’s so good.

With this being our final farewell to these much-loved characters, we had so many questions. Will Devi choose Paxton, Ben or newbie Ethan? Does she get into Princeton? Do Devi and Ben go all the way? But, don’t worry, we’ve explained the ending of Never Have I Ever season four below.

never have i ever season 4 ending

What happens at the end of Never Have I Ever season four?

At the start of the season, Devi finally hooks up with Ben but she’s left hurt when he suggests calling her an Uber home straight after. Plus, with Paxton coming back from university to teach swimming classes at Sherman Oaks and Ethan having a glow up over the summer, Devi is super confused.

She briefly dates Ethan but breaks up with him after finding out that he stole from a Princeton college admissions representative. She also kisses Paxton, but they both realise they’re better off at just friends and she makes amends with Ben.

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In the final episode, Devi finally receives the email telling her she got into Princeton and excitedly tells Ben, but to her disappointment, he tells her he’s spending the summer in New York for an internship.

Devi is determined to have an epic final summer with her friends anyway and soon enough, the week before she moves to college is here, as is Pati’s wedding. Despite being excited for college, Devi puts off packing her things to the last minute, having fun at the wedding with her friends and family instead. Here, we also learn that Paxton is dating Miss Thompson, closing the chapter between him and Devi for good.

When the time comes for her to pack, she gets frustrated and shouts at an imagined version of her late father then breaks down in tears over fears of moving away from home, with her mum Nalini comforting and reassuring her. They head back to the wedding, where Ben suddenly arrives from New York and admits he has feelings for Devi.

The couple hook up again at his place, with Ben telling Devi he loves her and wants them to be in a relationship. The episode ends with a flash forward of Paxton going back to college, Fabiola working in robotics, Eleanor on a movie set and Devi and Ben together in college. Aww!

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Never Have I Ever is streaming on Netflix now.

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