Hannah Waddingham Shares Her Favorite Comfort Dinner, and It's a Classic

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Cindy Ord/Getty Images

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Reviewed by Dietitian Jessica Ball, M.S., RD

You probably know her best for enjoying tea and biscuits as Rebecca Welton in the comedy drama Ted Lasso, but British actress Hannah Waddingham also enjoys to sip on something a bit more boozy during the holidays: a delicious Baileys Hot Chocolate. The Emmy-winning star just took to Instagram with Baileys and The Gold Vocal Collective to kick off the season with a new holiday campaign.

In our interview, EatingWell asked Waddingham to share her favorite ways to enjoy Baileys in a cocktail. And if you also want to know about her go-to holiday comfort foods, the totally relatable snack she can’t resist and her simple yet confident stance on restrictive dieting, read on for more.

EatingWell: What's your go-to cocktail to make with the Baileys Original Irish Cream?

Waddingham: I'm quite a purist, so I'll have it neat on the rocks. Or when you're in an adult moment the thing I love actually is full-on hot chocolate… shot of Baileys and [whipped cream]. It’s good!

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EatingWell: When you're drinking Baileys, whether on the rocks or in hot chocolate, what's your favorite holiday dish to eat with it?

Waddingham: If I’m going to have Baileys after [dinner], I don't know how big you guys in the states are on roast dinners, but I like a real roast chicken dinner. Back in the day when I was still eating red meat, it would have been a proper British roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing—the whole nine yards. Instead of dessert, I would have the hot chocolate or the Baileys over ice.



EatingWell: Do you have a favorite holiday season comfort meal in general? 

Waddingham: I’d say roast is my go-to.

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EatingWell: What's your go-to snack to keep you energized while you're on the set?

Waddingham: I'd be lying if I didn't say it's crisps. You call them potato chips. All day, every day, I have to limit myself, because I could get into a lot of trouble.

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EatingWell: Any favorite potato chip—or crisp?

Waddingham: Salt & vinegar. [The U.S.] used to have barbecue, mesquite, all those ones, and I used to look and look when I was on Broadway for salt and vinegar. I used to have to go down to the village to the English shop and get salt & vinegar crisps.

EatingWell: What does eating well mean to you?

Waddingham: It means everything to me actually, because I'm a single mama, and I like to keep myself well. As long as you're looking after your skin from the inside out: plenty of water, loads of veg, start with the protein on your plate and workout—then I don't think you need to worry too much. I just feel like you've got to do the protein and the veg first. Whatever else you have after that, you've got to a good place already.

Diets? Taking things out? Absolutely not. Life’s too short.

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