Hank Williams Jr. Engaged Again One Year After Wife Mary's Death

Hank Williams Jr. is about to be a married man once again.

According to a statement shared via The Pure Hank Radio Show's official Facebook page, the 74-year-old singer-songwriter and his fiancé Brandi are officially engaged.

"The newly engaged outlaw country music and southern rock legend Hank Williams, Jr. alongside his beautiful and lovely fiancé Brandi," the Sept. 4 social media post read. It also included a loved-up photo of the happy couple smiling for the camera.

Not much is known about the couple's relationship, as they tend to keep the spotlight off their romantic life, but Brandi, 43, has appeared in a few photos on her now-fiancé's Instagram page.

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Most recently, she's seen smiling with her catch of the day as the two enjoy some time on the water. Other images show the couple bonding over their freshly-hunted harvest.

The happy announcement comes a little over a year after the tragic death of his wife, former Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion model Mary Jane, who passed away at the age of 58 in March 2022 from complications related to cosmetic surgery.

Prior to her untimely death, the two were together for nearly 40 years, though they did temporarily separate in 2007. The two initially met at one of Williams' Washington D.C. concerts in 1985, and tied the knot five years later, eventually going on to welcome two children: daughter Katie Williams-Dunning, who also died tragically in a 2020 car accident in Tennessee, and son Samuel Williams.

At the time of Mary's passing, Williams mourned her death in a three-part tribute posted to Instagram. "So many happy times were spent at the Montana Ranch and house," he wrote of the couple's globe-trotting adventures hunting animals. "38 wonderful years she gave me."

"Her kind spirit and beautiful and endearing love carries on in the hearts of our son, Sam, grandsons Beau and Tennyson, and granddaughter Audrey Jane. Of course, she will be missed and loved by so many forever," he concluded.

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