The Hands-Down Best Shampoos For All Hair Types, Whether It's Curly, Dry, or Color-Treated

Shampoo is the hair category's equivalent to makeup primer: it's not exactly sexy, but it lays all the necessary groundwork for the rest of your routine to shine (sometimes, quite literally). No matter how simple or complex your everyday hair-care routine is, the type of shampoo you use isn't something to be lax about. Plus, whether you're a sucker for a drugstore formula or you're more inclined to purchase something of the luxury variety, the shampoo you use should be dependent on your hair's individual type and needs.

Whether you are looking for color protection, a volumizer, or a shampoo that has more conditioning properties than anything else, there's an option out there for everyone no matter your hair type. Read ahead for the hands-down best shampoos for all hair types.