How should you handle COVID in your fantasy leagues? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Podcast

Yahoo Sports fantasy expert Liz Loza and Fantasy Footballers Jason Moore discuss how leagues and commissioners should handle setting up systems for players that test positive for COVID-19.

Video Transcript


LIZ LOZA: This year, in particular, is unique in that we are dealing with a very large variable known as the coronavirus. Can you talk to me a little bit about your approach to COVID, other than a shoulder shrug?

JASON MOORE: Sure, yeah. No, to not factor that in is to have horse blinders on. And just run forward with what you know. We know COVID is going to be an issue for the season. That players will absolutely get COVID. There is now a COVID list. Like similar to an IR, there's going to be a three week IR list for players that get COVID. So you're going to-- someone tests positive, you lose that player for at least three weeks.

So I think there's two different approaches when you're looking at fantasy football in 2020 of changes that you need to make as a fantasy player or as a league manager. On the league side, you need to talk to your league, and figure out what you guys want to do with players that get it.

Are you extending the bench? Are you adding-- what we've been saying for most of this offseason is, make sure all your leagues have to IR spots so that you can throw some players in. Or institute a rule-- which we've brought this up on the show recently-- if your whole league agrees, then when a player gets COVID, allow them to be dropped, and they're not allowed to be picked up.

LIZ LOZA: You're fantasy quarantining them.

JASON MOORE: Exactly. I don't want the rest of my roster getting COVID. Are you kidding? You got to put them to the waivers.

But then as a player, the thought crosses my mind, later in a draft, do I want to swing for the fences on a Mecole Hardman, who if an injury happens or something, he could be really, really involved? Or an Emmanuel Sanders, who's just OK. He's not going to have the same ceiling, necessarily, but I know, if need be, I can plug him in my lineup as my flex, and get eight or nine points. So I think depth matters more this season than usual.

LIZ LOZA: That's a very interesting-- it's very interesting point. So focusing on roster construction and balance is something that you're, it sounds like, focusing more on this year. You always do it, but this year, in particular, it's something you're prioritizing.

JASON MOORE: This year on more willing to take the veteran who does not have the ceiling. Randall Cobb is so boring to me. I don't really care. But this year, maybe I do take him over one of those high upside players because I know I will need more depth. And do you think it's going to be a major issue where you're losing players? If so, then go more vets. If not, then continue to swing for the fences.


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