Halsey Might Be Hooking Up With Cara Delevingne After Exes G-Eazy and Ashley Benson Start Dating

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Photo credit: Kevin Mazur - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

Hasley used to date G-Eazy, who's now kissing Ashley Benson, who used to be in a relationship with Cara Delevingne, who's currently hooking up with Halsey, who's real name is Ashley. Hahaha, I hate it here. If you're having trouble keeping up, here's the tea, that's piping hot today.

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According to new reports, mega famous singer Halsey is dating equally mega famous model (and sometimes actress) Cara. This news comes shortly after their exes, G-Eazy and Ashley, were seen kissing on his music video set. Yes, it's all very Hollywood and also very juicy.

"Cara has been hooking up with Halsey in the last few weeks and they’ve been having a laugh together," a source told The Sun. "It’s all very casual and just a bit of fun. Neither of them are particularly keen to be tied down and they’re fine about seeing other people."

Cara appeared in Halsey's "Nightmare" music video (pictured above), and fans noted their obvious chemistry. But, it's safe to say that no one expected the current situation.

"They’ve both been very open about their sexuality and just want to enjoy themselves so they’re both on the same wavelength," the insider added. "They’re usually so busy and flying around the world, but as they’ve been stuck in L.A. in recent months, it’s given them a chance to see each other. Cara has kissed her in front of friends and stuff. It’s not a big deal for either of them. It’s actually just funny to them that their exes are together now, and there’s no hard feelings."

Meanwhile, a source told Hollywood Life that G and Ash have "barely gone a day without seeing each other in the past month" and that they're "getting to know each other." People need to stop saying "2020 couldn't get any weirder" because tbh, I'm afraid of what might happen next.

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