Hallmark Unveils Talking Rose Nylund Christmas Tree Ornament

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Hallmark Unveils Talking Rose Hylund Christmas Tree Ornament

We’re giving one to everybody on our lists.

Your Christmas tree called. It needs more Golden Girls.

Sure, Christmas is still a few months away, but as far as we’re concerned, it’s never too early to nail down your holiday décor… especially when it comes to the ladies of 6151 Richmond Street.

Add some Betty White to your tree this year with the Rose Nylund Ornament ($19.99; Hallmark.com), the new must-have for Golden Girls fans. The plastic ornament features a cute little Rose (played by White), dressed in a blue suit with a coffee mug in hand. And… she speaks!

"This Christmas tree ornament features Rose and plays audio clips of some of her hilarious lines—and St. Olaf anecdotes—from the popular TV sitcom,” the Hallmark website says. Simply press the button on the ornament to hear your favorite phrases from the show.

Hallmark offered a sneak peek at a couple of lines you can expect to hear:

“It’s like we say in St. Olaf — Christmas without fruitcake is like St. Sigmund’s Day without the headless boy.”

“It's like that old Scandinavian saying. You can lead a herring to water, but you have to walk really fast or he'll die.”

The ornament is currently available for pre-order for $19.99 until October 5 and is expected to arrive by October 9. Batteries (and cheesecake) not included.