Halle Berry Shares Loved-Up Photos With Her Boyfriend

Halle Berry has a lot to be happy about these days, with a decades-long successful acting career and a fulfilling personal life. But once in a while, Berry loves to give fans a glimpse of her love for boyfriend Van Hunt.

Berry shared a couple of photos of herself with Hunt on Instagram, captioning it, "Don’t be the girl a man wants, be the woman a man needs! ✊🏽."

In the first picture, Berry and Hunt sit side by side looking contently at the camera, while the second photo shows the couple sharing a kiss. They both wear gray zipped-up sweatshirts, while Hunt further accessorizes with a white Tommy Hilfiger bucket hat.

Fans loved Berry's sweet photos and her message, with one comment reading, "Right! 🔥 many will not understand until after 50 years of trials."

"You truly look the happiest I ever seen. You look like you are in such a peaceful place... Keep shining. Cuz you are glowing. You two are meant to be. You been waiting for him," said another.

"Beautifully said. Eternal beauty, inside and out 💙," read a third.

One person didn't seem to fully understand the caption, writing, "Some men do t like needy women then what? 😂," to which the actress replied, "neediness and having a man need you are two different things ! ❤️."

Berry and Hunt first started dating in late 2020 and are clearly still going strong almost three years later. While they are generally a private couple, every once in a while, Berry flaunts their relationship in sweet posts on Instagram.