Halima Aden and Anywear Created Masks For Hijabi Front-Line Workers

Model Halima Aden has teamed up with Anywear to create a capsule of hijabs, face-covering sets, and turbans. The brand's Banding Together Project is a line of adjustable headbands for healthcare workers and was created with Allure. Anywear had previously teamed up with hairstylist Chris McMillan and makeup artist Daniel Martin. Now, cofounders Emily Shippee and Adi-Lee Cohen have joined hands with Halima to create the line of specifically designed face masks.

Many fashion brands have pivoted their strategy to create face masks during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but not all have thoughtfully considered front-line workers from different faiths. While hijabi doctors and nurses have been using standard-issue face masks, the masks don't take into consideration headscarves and facial coverings.

"Instead of the medical masks clasping behind the ears, they clip securely (and still safely, providing the right amount of coverage necessary) to the buttons on the headband or medical cap. We wanted to be inclusive as that's the main pillar of our values as a brand," Emily said to POPSUGAR. "All of the items are made to order because we are striving to eliminate textile waste in the industry, which contributes to climate change. Halima, having formerly worked in a hospital, along with her platform and values, made the collaboration a no-brainer."

The fabric masks, hijabs, and turbans are all made from organic fabrics and can be used as a barrier to cover the N95 / medical masks. They are all reusable and machine-washable. The brand is also giving back to hospitals in need. For every set sold, a headband with buttons or medical cap with buttons (designed with the brand's front-line worker committee) gets donated to hospitals in need.


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