Hairstylist compares Millennial vs. Gen Z clients at the salon: ‘The most relatable thing I’ve ever seen’

Hairstylist and TikToker Alexis Rex (@rexartistry) posted a hilarious TikTok comparing how Millennial and Gen Z clients behave in the hair salon, and viewers are losing it over the accuracy.

Rex is a hairstylist who perfectly captured the generation gap between Millennials and zoomers in a funny video parodying how her Millennial clients act compared to her Gen Z clients. Not only does the sketch have viewers in hysterics over its relatability, but it also got people thinking about the different experiences Millennials and zoomers had growing up.

In the clip, Rex portrays a shy Millennial woman cautiously entering the salon.

“Hey girl, how are you? It’s so good to see you. I’m so excited,” Rex’s Millennial character says quietly before doing a little excited dance while making sure she’s not taking up too much space.

Rex’s Millennial character displays the same anxious energy when in the salon chair. Afraid to get in the hairdresser’s way, she nervously shoves her purse into the side of the chair and then launches into a very specific description of how she wants her hair to look natural and as though she never had it done.

The clip then cuts to a shot of Rex as her Gen Z character barging into the salon with a “Hey Queen!” While removing her outerwear, she declares, “Let’s do this f***ing hair because it’s a mess! It’s a wreck,” before leaving her coat and bag in the middle of the floor.

“OK, girl. Let’s do this. Let’s f***ing slay my hair,” Rex’s Gen Z character proclaims, taking a seat in the chair. “I want to do like in your face, bold, contrast, like, I want to look like a different f***ing b****. A different f***ing person,” she says, snapping her fingers with each punctuation.

“Can you do that? Let’s do it. I don’t even care. How much is it? OK, done,” Rex’s Gen Z character says casually before describing that she wants a haircut with “so much texture,” ultimately deciding on a wolf cut that’s going to be “so f***ing slay.”

TikTok viewers loved the Millennial and Gen Z accuracy

Rex’s video totally slayed viewers with its accuracy.

“The Millennial purse thing is the most relatable thing I’ve ever seen,” one user commented.

“Millennials have literally been told we are a pain our entire lives, and it shows,” stated one TikToker.

“Gen Z just fully owning the ability to take up space,” one viewer observed.

Based on the comments, Millennials could arguably use a little Gen Z attitude.

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