Hailey Bieber's new platinum hair and blunt fringe pics are iconic

Photo credit: Hailey Bieber - Instagram
Photo credit: Hailey Bieber - Instagram

At this point Hailey Bieber's experimented with just about every type of blonde hair you can get.

She's done a stint with bright, blocky blonde, she's done balayage, this year she grew it out into gorgeous bronde hair, and this month even moved into darker, dirtier territories with new rootsy caramel waves.

Her latest look, though, is something new altogether. Inspired by Blondie for the inside shoot of her Vogue Paris cover, Hailey sported a hyper-textured white-blonde choppy bob, complete with a blunt fringe.

The look was paired with 80s-adjacent styling, from thigh-high patent boots to a zebra-print pullover.

The makeup is also a triumph - gunmetal grey gloss lids, darkened brows, smudgy glam-rock eyeliner and coral-red lips. The 80s (and, let's face it Blondie) screamed blown-out maximalism, taking the rule of only having one statement feature of a makeup beat and throwing it straight out of the window.

It's not entirely 80s - Blondie tended to wear a lottt more kohl on the waterline and her hair was more, er, textured... but it's a gorgeous modernisation of an iconic look.

The hair itself is becoming the hairstyle of the season, with Billie Eilish and Margot Robbie both opting for blunt fringes in the past month or so.

Pal Ashley Graham commented "STUNNNNNER!!!", Addison Rae weighed in with a "WOW", Sofia Richie assigned the look 7 fire emojis, and even Vanessa Hudgens said she was "obsessed" with the vibe Hailey serves in the shoot.

To be honest, I'd have to agree.

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