Hailey Bieber's "Fruity Pebbles" Nails Are an Instant Serotonin Boost

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Who says you can't go bright for fall?

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Of all the many manicures Hailey Bieber has worn, she is undoubtedly most known for her nearly-nude minimalist creations. She sent the world into a frenzy with her glazed donut nails and matching minimal looks like lip gloss nails, strawberry milk nails, and Rhode bottle gray have been on her hands more times than we can count. Bieber’s latest manicure might technically be as minimal as the others, but with its bright blue shade, it teeters more on the maximalist side.

On October 28, Hailey Bieber headed to a Halloween party with her husband, Justin, and friends Kendall Jenner and Laura Harrier, pairing her prehistoric costume with the brightest Fruity Pebbles blue nails.

<p>Getty Images</p>

Getty Images

Any other night, the blue manicure might be a confusing choice—the shade is not as light as the previously trending blueberry milk manicure and not as dark as denim nails. Her long, almond-shaped nails literally looked like the blue-flavored Fruity Pebble cereal. However, while the shade may not fit squarely into any trends, it makes perfect sense for her Halloween costume.

Bieber was dressed as Pebbles Flintstone from the classic animated series The Flintstones, and the blue of her nails matched her nylon miniskirt exactly. The skirt had a frayed, prehistoric hemline, and was accessorized with an orange belt with a bone detailing. She paired it with a neon green nylon top with the same frayed edges and black crescent moon detailing across the garment. Her signature “B” necklace and a ginger bob wig finished the look—her bangs being the same zig-zag cut as her shirt and skirt.

Luckily for us, you don’t need a time machine to replicate these nails.

<p>Getty images</p>

Getty images

First, remove any lingering polish with nail polish remover. Then, apply oil to your cuticles to soften, and push them back. Wipe clean, then cut and file your nails to the desired length and buff for an even surface. The final step before color is to apply your favorite base coat and let dry.

After your base is dry, grab a similar blue to Bieber—we like OPI’s Tile Art to Warm Your Heart ($12) and Static Nails Cabana Boy ($16)—and apply two to three coats. 

The final step is to seal it all in with your favorite top coat and a dollop of nail oil for health. Then, you will be ready to discover fire for the first time.

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