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It’s been almost one year since Hailey Bieber launched Rhode Skin to help fans get in on her signature glazed complexion. The first trio of products—the Peptide Lip Treatment, the Peptide Glazing Fluid, and the Barrier Restore Cream—were instant hits (and favorites among Bazaar editors). After a few limited-edition drops and plenty of restocks, Rhode is finally releasing its next product: Glazing Milk, a creamy essence packed with ceramides, magnesium, and zinc to hydrate, protect, and calm the skin.

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“A lot of our fans guessed what the next Rhode product would be,” Bieber tells Bazaar. “Then, I posted myself in a ‘Got Milk?’ T-shirt and they thought even more so that it was something milky. Some even thought it was a sunscreen. I wish it didn’t take a year to launch our next product, but it’s more important to me to get it right, rather than rush. The goal for me is to make products that work for as many people as possible, and we have a fun timeline of things to come.”

Our team had the chance to test the Glazing Milk ahead of its June 15 launch—and we are totally sold on the creamy toner, which leaves the prettiest sheen. Ahead, Bieber spills her secrets to milky, hydrated skin.

I saw that you used the Glazing Milk while in the sun, so I was recently inspired to do the same on a beach trip, and it felt amazing on my skin.

That makes me so happy. I have so much to say about Glazing Milk, but one of the biggest ways that I use it is underneath my sunscreen. When I’m out in the sun—or even swimming in the ocean or pool—my skin gets so dry, and it’s hard to find the right product that will freshen up your skin before you reapply sunscreen. I’m so glad it’s been working for you in that way.

This is a special launch, as it’s the first new product after Rhode’s launch last year. What inspired the Glazing Milk, and why this product as Rhode’s next addition to the collection?

I wanted to create a toner-like product, but that felt more like a treatment. I think that’s kind of where essences live. I knew that I wanted it to have a really powerful ingredient story, and I wanted to introduce new ingredients that we hadn’t used in any other Rhode products before, which is where the ceramides and beta-glucan come in. We also have a beautiful zinc, copper, and magnesium combination in there that will keep the barrier intact, calm the skin, and help with redness. When I was testing the Glazing Milk, I had a crazy rash on my arm and used it on the patch, and it really calmed it down. I have sensitive skin, so I love that it’s lightweight and something you can wear under SPF, which was also really important. I started using it while out in the sun to see how it played under my SPF, and I realized that when I would come inside at the end of the day, my skin looked so much more moisturized and calm. I even put a little on my body and hands, and got to see how much of a multiuse product it is.

hb glazing milk
Zhong Lin

You are the queen of using your products multiple ways, like mixing your Glazing Fluid with blush. What are the various ways you use the Glazing Milk?

I’ve been mixing a drop of a liquid highlighter with the Glazing Milk and putting it on my legs, collarbones, shoulders—especially when I’m going to be wearing something cute that is going to show that area of skin. I love this concoction because you know you’re getting this beautiful sheen from the milk and sparkle from the highlighter, but also that it’s treating the skin with good ingredients. The milk does have a glow on its own, though.

Rhode has such loyal fans, and I’m sure they have been asking and waiting for the next Rhode product for a while now. What excites you the most about fans getting the Glazing Milk in their hands?

I’ve been teasing it in my “Get Ready With Me” videos for a while and on my YouTube months ago. I mentioned a new Rhode product, but tried not to give too much away, but a lot of people guessed it would be an essence or toner situation. I feel like this is going to become a lot of people’s favorite Rhode product. I’m so in competition with myself, because every time we put out a product, I want to one-up myself and push the boundaries. I’m just excited to see people’s reaction, and I have a good feeling about this one, especially even just the feedback that I’ve gotten from people who have tested it. We’ve had a group testing it for a while now, and a majority of the people have said that it’s their new favorite Rhode product.

Were you always a fan of essences and toners?

I’ve always used a hydrating toner in my routine and have said in the past that it’s an important step in my routine. I think these types of milky essences have come out of the K-beauty scene, like so many other great products I use. The Glazing Milk was definitely inspired by that world.

You said you love wearing the Glazing Milk under sunscreen. Is there a Rhode sunscreen in the future?

For sure. It’s a conversation we’ve been having, but sunscreens are hard to develop and take a very long time. Plus, there are so many regulations with sunscreen. But it’s in development. I’m going to be extremely picky about our sunscreen—although, I am with every one of our products, which is why it’s taken us a year to put out our next product. I won’t stop until it’s perfect. I plan on doing a face sunscreen and a sun product for the body—it’ll come eventually.

Stress can wreak havoc on skin. Does stress affect your skin at all, and how do you manage your skin when it’s acting up?

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to embrace it as it comes, because it happens to everybody and it’s normal. Us females deal with a lot of things that are out of our control, like hormones, so just I try to listen to my skin. If it feels irritated or is breaking out more, I try to scale back and keep my routine simple. So often, I try to get rid of a pimple quickly, and end up doing more harm than good. Now, I let a pimple run its course and am gentle with it. I do like spot treatments on thicker pimples.

When perfecting the Glazing Milk, did you share any samples with people in your circle to “Rhode test”?

I always give samples to friends to try and give feedback. I would say my husband is probably the first one that I’m saying to, “Hey, let me know what you think.” He loves the Glazing Milk. It’s probably his favorite out of anything that we’ve done so far. It’s always fun seeing people’s reactions, and I take my friends’ feedback very seriously. Every time we have a new Peptide Lip Treatment flavor, the first thing I do is give them to my girls to see if it smells good.

We last spoke with you for the launch of the Birthday Cake flavor. Should we expect more fun limited-edition flavors in the future?

Definitely. People really want to see Birthday Cake flavor again, and it will be back. We have a really fun flavor coming this summer that is a collaborative project. It’s been a long time coming with this collab, so I’m thrilled we were able to make this come to life.

A year into Rhode, what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about launching a skincare brand?

Oh, my God, girl—so much. I take everything really to heart because it’s my baby. Whenever there is feedback that we want to implement, I want it to happen overnight, but that’s not possible. As the brand grows and evolves, people will start to see the feedback incorporated. This is a community brand, and I want it to feel that way.

You teased this on TikTok, but what can you tell us about a possible Rhode skincare/makeup hybrid product?

We are going to get into some color stuff soon. We think of skin essentials, and for me, that applies to color and sun care too. We are going to tackle all of these categories over time. Our first dip in the makeup water is going to be in the fall, and I’m very excited.

The Rhode Glazing Milk is available to shop for $29 at rhodeskin.com.

This interview has been updated since publication.

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