Hailey Bieber Just Gave a Coveted Tutorial on Her *Infamous* Contouring Trick

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Hailey Gives a Tutorial on Her Clever Contour HackMike Coppola - Getty Images

The latest trend to take over the TikTok sphere is a very clever beauty hack created by the one and only celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips. Oh, and in case you didn't know (which, I'm sure you do), Mary works with the likes of Hailey Bieber, who has only gone and shared her very own tutorial on how to recreate said technique.

But before we get to Hailey's tutorial, Mary herself shared a short snippet vid on the app explaining all there is to know. "It's like layering down the bones under the skin," she says, all while applying contour as the very first step in her routine. She continues: "So the contour and the highlight being the bones and the skin being the foundation."

Watch how she creates a flawless base below:

As her first step, Hailey goes in with a cream bronzer on the contours of her face. After blending with a brush, she then adds concealer under her eyes, around her nose and to give a lifted look, in an upward formation on her smile lines before blending with a sponge.

Then, unconventionally and with the formation of Mary's recommendation, Hailey goes in with foundation (mixed with her very own Rhode serum, ofc) on top of the products already used. In the caption of her post, she calls it "the Mary P contour trick." Trademark that ASAP, girl.

As for the makeup shown, we've got you covered. Shop all of the products Hailey used below:

BRB, I'm off to refine my Mary P trick….

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