This Hack Lets You Order A Color-Changing Drink At Starbucks, And My Mind Is Blown

Kristin Salaky
Photo credit: Totallythebomb - Instagram
Photo credit: Totallythebomb - Instagram

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Starbucks drinks serve different purposes. Sometimes I want something that is easy, so I get a hot coffee with no cream or sugar and go on my merry way. Sometimes I want something that feels like dessert so I get myself a S'mores Frappuccino. And sometimes I just want something that is going to look cute on my Instagram story, and I guess it's about to be this Sunset Drink off the Starbucks Secret Menu.

Our pals over at crafted this gorgeous drink that literally looks like the sun is setting in your cup...hence the name. You get it, you're smart. Not only does it get this very cool peach-y, orange-y, ombre effect, it ALSO changes colors as it other words it literally changes like the sunset. You can see more in their photos and in those at the top of this piece but what starts out as a little hint of pale orange turns deep and vibrant as it mixes with more of the red up top. SO COOL.

On top of that, the flavor of this drink sounds amazing. You start with a Venti Lemonade, add some peach flavor and some passion tea and you get something fruity, refreshing and breathtaking. Honestly, I see no reason why you couldn't take this color changing magic to all sorts of different drink combinations. That's for someone who is good with the color wheel to figure out though, not me. But uh, do tell me when you figure out more!

As always, when ordering off the Starbucks Secret Menu, don't ask for this by name but rather explain your drink well and utilize mobile ordering when you can! For full instructions on how to order this drink, visit TTB's post!

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