Gwyneth Paltrow talks about her place in the #MeToo movement: ‘No one’s going to f*** with me’

Gwyneth Paltrow has spent nearly her entire life in the spotlight, working with and for the most powerful people in Hollywood. However, at 47 years old, the award-winning actress and Goop guru is finally in full control of herself and her career.

The actor and entrepreneur appeared on the January 2020 cover of Harper’s Bazaar, where she discussed both her relationships and her work — noting her growing wellness empire and diminishing interest in acting. And while she was one of the first women to speak out about harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Paltrow says she’s now in a position of power where “no one’s going to f***” with her.

Gwyneth Paltrow talks about her wellness empire, Goop, and why nobody in Hollywood is messing with her anymore in the January 2020 Harper's Bazaar. (Photo: Harper's Bazaar)
Gwyneth Paltrow talks about her wellness empire, Goop and why nobody in Hollywood is messing with her anymore in the January 2020 Harper's Bazaar. (Photo: Harper's Bazaar)

“It’s almost like it was the accumulation of so many years of this happening — and not to say that it doesn’t happen anymore because it still does, especially in companies where women don’t have a platform and there’s still a lot of fear and hierarchy and intimidation,” she said of the #MeToo movement. “There’s still so much inequity all over the place.”

Paltrow was featured in the New York Times in 2017 where she discussed the alleged harassment that she faced at the hands of Weinstein when she landed her first starring role in one of his films, Emma. At the time, the actress was 22 years old and feared losing her job as a result of refusing Weinstein’s advances, which she disclosed to her then-boyfriend, Brad Pitt.

Now, after years of climbing the ranks of the industry, Paltrow is in an entirely different place. “It sounds funny to say, but I’m sort of less familiar with it in the entertainment world,” she said of harassment. “Also, I think I’ve reached the status in that world where no one’s going to f*** with me.”

Still, Paltrow isn’t immune to the varying ways in which men and women are treated in all industries after experiencing differences in Hollywood and now in the corporate world, where she functions as founder and CEO of Goop.

“Having gone to a lot of these summits and conferences, a question that I and other women get asked a lot is, ‘Do you have impostor syndrome?’” Paltrow said. “No man has ever been asked that on any panel that I’ve ever sat through. Not one time.”

But after decades of working and even transitioning careers, Paltrow is confident that she knows who she is. “I think that maybe comes in life when the degree to which you’re pretending to be someone else — or still hoping you’re going to be someone else—starts to diminish, and you’re like, ‘Here I am. Okay. So what?’” Paltrow said.

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