Gwyneth Paltrow’s Blended Family Brings Her “The Most Happiness”

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The “Faltrow” household of four teenagers keeps her on her toes.

<p>Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images</p>

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Gwyneth Paltrow is opening up about the realities of blending a family, especially one with four teenagers. In a new interview with People, the actress-slash-businesswoman got candid about transitioning four teenagers to live under one roof. Paltrow has two children, Apple and Moses (whom she shares with ex-husband Chris Martin), and her husband, Brad Falchuk, also has two teenagers, Isabella and Brody (from a previous marriage).

“It’s hard, and it’s not intuitive, and nobody tells you how to do it. You just stick with it," she shared with the publication. "Now, it’s one of the things that brings me the most happiness in my life.”


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Thanks to Paltrow’s wellness and lifestyle brand Goop keeping her booked and busy, she admires the times when life does slow down in the “Faltrow” household. Life is simple, with family dinners and her favorite French pop music playing in the background, and she ends the evening with European murder-mystery shows.

With Apple and Isabella already off to college and Moses and Brody shortly on their way, Falchuk and her will soon be “free birds."

<p>Neil Rasmus/</p>

Neil Rasmus/

“I’m trying to reframe it so that I can at least try to convince myself there’s some kind of a silver lining," she said. "Empty nest sounds so sad and lonely.”

Whether empty-nesters or free birds, Paltrow is ready for her next chapter: “I believe that life, especially for women, comes in chapters,” she said. “This is really going to be a new chapter for me.”

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