Men on TikTok are pranking their spouses with a 'shocking' new video effect: 'That's awful'

If you haven’t seen the “No Beard” Snapchat filter yet, consider yourself lucky.

The face-morphing effect is currently going viral online — and freaking out plenty of spouses in the process.

Snapchat’s “No Beard” filter does exactly what it sounds like: It removes the facial hair of anyone using it. So, naturally, guys with massive beards have been using it to prank their significant others.

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Take TikTok user Ess Michael, for example. Michael, who normally has a full beard and goatee, recorded himself using the filter to “erase” his facial hair. Of course, he snuck up on his wife as he did it.

“Ugh, that’s awful!” his wife said after seeing his bare face on the phone screen.

The prank has become widespread on the app, with videos using the #NoBeard hashtag racking up nearly 35 million views.

After seeing the spouses’ shocked reactions to their beardless husbands, many TikTokers have called the trend “traumatizing” or “creepy.”

“That is shocking,” one user wrote.

“I was so confused,” another added.

Other users have had a very different reaction.

“How did you do this? I need to freak out my wife,” one commenter wrote on user Lee Snow’s video.

“I terrified my girl with this yesterday!” another added.

So, how do you use the “No Beard” filter on Snapchat? Here’s a quick explainer on finding and using the effect.

How to use the ‘No Beard’ Snapchat filter

To use the “No Beard filter on Snapchat, all you need to do is open the app, then click the search button in the top lefthand corner of the screen. Next, type in “no beard.”

The filter will then load immediately, and you’ll be taken to the photo and video/taking interface. Depending on your level of facial hair, prepare to be terrified.

If you’re looking to prank someone with the effect, it’s best to start by covering your face to prevent the filter from working. Then, when you’re ready to scare someone, take away your hand and reveal that beardless, clean-shaven face.

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