Guy Parodies How a Dog ‘Customer Service’ Line Would Work and It’s Gold

If you've ever had to call a customer service line, you know what a terrible job those people have because they deal with upset customers all day long. Now imagine that there was a customer service line that dogs could call if they had problems...working that line would be a fun job!

Farbsy (AKA Max Farber) is a social media comedian who pokes fun at a variety of topics, and in this video that he shared on Tuesday, March 5th, he parodies what it would be like to deal with a call from a dog who is not happy about having to take a bath. The whole conversation from start to finish is just awesome!

This would be like a dream job! @Farbsy even says in his caption, "Did someone say best job ever?" Commenter @Plain_Janyne81 agreed, "Why can’t this be a real job for call centers?! I’d never stop working. I’d be chatting with dogs all day!" One commenter shared, "Russell: "THE ZOOMIES?!?!?! OMG, I LOVE THE ZOOMIES!!!!!!"" and @Megs added, "Zoomies anticipation LOL!" Farbsy replied, "The hype is REAL!"

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Animals and Phones

While we all seem to agree that a dog customer service line would be awesome, it's really just a far-fetched dream. Yet the unique experiences some animals have with phones is real life. Like the dog whose mom scolded him over the phone while he was at the groomers because he 'bit' the groomer.

Now what's interesting about dogs and phones is that according to The Dog People, they can recognize your voice if you call to chat, but they may not recognize your face over Facetime. "Flicker sensitivity is the rate at which an animal’s eye can record images and perceive motion...Dogs have a higher flicker sensitivity and can’t pick out specific images in all those shifts in brightness and movement. It’s all a bunch of jerky lights and shapes to them." In short, they have a hard time identifying moving images on a screen. I love learning things like this and will stick to just a phone call next time!

This bearded dragon had an interesting reaction worth watching to seeing itself on mom's phone. You know when the phone rings at work and you dread having to answer it? This cat gets it.

But us humans having our phones in our hands all day long and depending on them for everything has actually caused problems with some animals. This otter was in his aquarium minding his own business when he found a phone. Monkeys in Bali steal phones, and then negotiate with the phone's owner to get food before giving it back.

An animal rescuer set up a phone to record a rescue and was shocked when a sly fox decided to grab it and take off with it! And Toronto Zoo had to finally ask guests to stop showing their phones to the gorillas. Bottom line is animals are getting used to and correlating humans to these devices, and I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing.

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