Guy is hilariously freaked out by camel at drive-thru safari in Louisiana

His reaction is the funniest thing we’ve seen all week 🤣

Video Transcript



Whoa! [BLEEP] that looks like a camel! Camel! Camel! Hey! Camel!

Wah! [BLEEP] just got heated in this [BLEEP]! Was just in this [BLEEP]!

You got some more [BLEEP] eating! You got it. Ha-ha! Look at him, camel. He running!


"Can I leave in your Crosstrek?" Oh! Moving, [BLEEP] that. [BLEEP] that.


JJ, they all follow like this.

Camel? Can't let him hit none of these animals. So now camel's mad. Look, you can have the good one.