This Guy Fasted for 48 Hours to See if It Would Help Him Cut Weight

Philip Ellis
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Photo credit: Will Tennyson - YouTube
Photo credit: Will Tennyson - YouTube

From Men's Health

In the aftermath of a recent cheat day challenge during which he consumed a staggering 20,000 calories and gained more than 16 pounds, fitness YouTuber Will Tennyson is keen to lose some of that new weight, fast. Literally. He commits to fasting for 48 hours, and documents the results in his latest video.

Following the "wet fast " model, Will consumes herbal tea, black coffee, and water during the 48-hour period, but nothing else. "It's very important not to overdo it, and just drink when you're thirsty," he explains. "When you drink a lot, it's very hard for the body to keep its electrolytes in balance, and that's important on a fast." He recommends adding sea salt and baking soda to water if you're in need of replenishing your potassium or sodium levels during a fast.

Photo credit: Men's Health
Photo credit: Men's Health

During the first full day of the fast, Will completes a full shoulders and arms workout, which he wouldn't usually advise for anyone who isn't consuming nutrients, but he bends the rules given his enormous calorie intake the day before. "I have never sweated that much in my entire life during a workout," he says. He then follows this with a stint in the infrared sauna to sweat out even more of the water weight he's carrying.

"I'm starting to worry, I can feel the hunger pains coming," he says 22 hours into the process. "I have a feeling going to bed on the first night will be the hardest part of the entire fast."

At the start of the second day, Will begins to feel light-headed and experiences a dip in energy, and reports he had a pretty bad night's sleep. He ends up skipping that day's weightlifting session, opting instead for some cardio and TRX work for active recovery.

"I'm in a snappy mood... The closer I get to 48 hours, the more I'm thinking about food, I just want to eat so badly," he says 42 hours in. "Fasting or not, oftentimes when you think you're hungry you're actually not, so I'm just trying to get out, forget about food."

9.8 pounds

At the 43-hour mark, Will begins to prepare his first meal in two days, and advises easing back into eating. "You don't want to break your fast with a bunch of junk food," he says. "You want something that's easy on the digestion, easy on the stomach."

At the end of the challenge, Will has lost 13.6 pounds.

"I am so damn proud of myself," he says. "That was tough... It teaches you about self-discipline, it also teaches you about how much of a role food plays in our lives. I'm so excited to get back on my normal diet."

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