This Guy’s Entire TikTok Account Is Just Him Putting Random Stuff In An Air Fryer And Seeing What Happens

Alexis Morillo
·2 mins read

From Delish

At this point, we know that air fryers can make just about anything. Donuts, chicken wings, and potatoes are all fair game but trying something new can definitely be a little nerve-wracking without any guidance. With TikTok user @airfryerguy's account, that's officially a non-issue, because he pretty much just puts random ingredients in his air fryer to see what happens.

One of his most popular videos to date shows how he makes a cookie cake, which requires nothing else besides some frozen cookie dough and a piece of parchment paper to line the bottom of the fryer. He also shares breakfast recipes, like an open-faced egg sandwich that can cook perfectly with almost no running. But then...things get weird.

In some of his videos he basically throws whatever random ingredients he has laying around to see how they'll react in the air fryer. Hubba Bubble bubble gum, for one, should definitely not be fried.

Ramen noodle packets, once cooked and drained normally, will pretty much turn back into the original block of noodles when air-fried. Who would have thought! Although some of his videos are pure chaos, there are a lot of hacks to use if you're an air fryer beginner.

It's also a good way to see how different foods handle the heat of the appliance and how to line the bottom of the thing so your creations don't get stuck. He also adds a lot of his own made-up jingles in the background, so it's a nice little break from the same old viral songs you've been hearing. Trust me, you'll be scrolling for hours.

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