Your Guide to Every Single Hot Male Celeb ‘1917’ Cameo

Leah Marilla Thomas
Photo credit: Kevin Winter - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kevin Winter - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

You can say a lot of things about Golden Globe winner 1917. It’s a visually stunning technical achievement. It finds the humanity in the horrors of war. But I’m out here championing this film for one reason and one reason alone: the secret hot cameos.

It’s like director Sam Mendes saw Harry Styles in Dunkirk and said, “Challenge accepted.” Aside from the two main characters, played by George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman, the film features quick performances from a whole host of your favorite British men, including Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott, and Richard Madden. Here’s a breakdown of the familiar faces you’ll swoon over in 1917.

Colin Firth

Who he plays in the movie: General Erinmore, who sends the two soldiers (Blake and Schofield, played by Dean-Charles and George) on their seemingly impossible mission to cross enemy lines and stop an attack.

Hottest contribution to society: The Darcy so nice, he played him twice—in Pride and Prejudice and, of course, Bridget Jones’s Diary. It’s fitting that the first celebrity cameo in 1917 is the OG stoic English heartthrob.

Mark Strong

Who he plays in the movie: Captain Smith, who offers our heroes a ride along the way.

Hottest contribution to society: Probably Kingsman: The Golden Circle for those suits alone. He also plays villains a lot, and there’s nothing like a sexy bad guy.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Who he plays in the movie: Colonel MacKenzie, the commanding officer they’re trying to reach before he sends his men into a trap.

Hottest contribution to society: Remember that time SNL made him do a sketch called “Why Is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot?” That was low-key rude. Did they even see Sherlock? Hot!

Andrew Scott

Who he plays in the movie: Lieutenant Leslie, who is so over the war that he is incredibly unhelpful when Schofield and Blake ask him for directions.

Hottest contribution to society: I mean, legions of Sherlock fans on Tumblr who loved him as Moriarty may disagree, but it’s gotta be the Hot Priest. If Fleabag season 2 didn’t make you lose your mind over Andrew and his arms, then I don’t even want to know you.

Richard Madden

Who he plays in the film: Lieutenant Blake, the older brother of Dean-Charles’s character.

Hottest contribution to society: Crying in Bodyguard, probably? No, wait, it’s the “Honkey Cat” sequence in Rocketman. No, wait, it’s Game of Thrones. No, wait, it’s the gray streak in his hair. I might have a problem.

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