We Can Guess Your Vacation Aesthetic Based on Your Favorite '90s Lyrics

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vacation aesthetic
vacation aesthetic

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Calling all adventurers: The time to travel is now. After more than a year of staying home, we're in dire need of a vacay—stat. Plus, as vaccination numbers rise, traveling is continually becoming safer. We're booking the next flight out of town, packing our suitcases, and using some long overdue vacation time.

But after so many months without a getaway, the options for where to jet off to are endless. Do we hole up on a beach, toes in the sand, ready to soak up the sun? Or, do we feed our adrenaline by hiking in the Rocky Mountains, breathtaking views in sight? Maybe better yet, should we settle into a plush spa robe, drink mimosas, and pamper ourselves in the desert? Or, is it finally time to hit the big cities on our bucket list, eat delicious food, and do some serious shopping?

To help you pick your ideal vacation aesthetic we rounded up our favorite '90s lyrics for you to choose from—your answers will tell us exactly where you should go and how you should take your PTO. So, if you're all about the Spice Girls and TLC, we've got the perfect getaway idea for you. But if Destiny's Child or Alanis Morissette are more your vibe, don't worry—we have a trip fitting for those vibes, too.