Can You Guess Which Champagne Flute Will Fill Up First?

Christy Piña
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Whether you're sipping on sparkling cider or sparkling wine come New Year's Eve, there will most likely be flutes involved. This holiday puzzle zeroes in on that and transforms classic Champagne flutes into a tricky brainteaser., a personalized online gift retailer, put together a few festive puzzles to raise spirits everywhere this holiday season when many people may be seeking an extra emotional boost.

In this puzzle, the company prompts you to guess in which order the Champagne flutes in a glass tower will fill with bubbly, if you pour into the one at the very top first. The quickest someone's solved the brainteaser, according to a press release, is 45 seconds. See if you can beat that time below:

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This holiday puzzle is far from easy, so give yourself a round of applause if you think you've solved it. For those who may need a little more time, take it. Tip: Don't just look at the contraptions and try to guess, analyze the shape of each part of the flute tower and think about what would make one fill up quicker than the other.

The answer is below, so don't keep scrolling if you want to solve the festive brainteaser on your own.

Stop scrolling.

You may regret it if you don't.

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This is your last chance.

Answer: Flute number 2 would fill up first, followed by four, one, and, finally, three.

If you guessed it right, cheers! For those who didn't, that's OK. Consider going back and seeing where you made a mistake, so you can solve the next puzzle that comes your way in no time.

Happy holidays!

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