Gucci and Harry Styles Slammed for Shocking Ad Following Balenciaga Controversy

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Twitter users are coming after the singer and fashion brand.

Harry Styles and Gucci are facing backlash for the luxury brand's most recent ad campaign. 

Social media users are calling out the singer, 28, and the fashion brand after photos of Styles were posted to Gucci's Instagram account featuring him in a teddy bear t-shirt while posing next to a child's mattress. 

The photos were promoting the luxury brand's HA HA HA campaign and are facing criticism in the wake of the Balenciaga scandal involving a holiday ad campaign that featured toddlers posing with teddy bears dressed in bondage gear. Both Gucci and Balenciaga are owned by Kering, a Paris-based international luxury goods group.

"A performance piece starring Harry Styles and the Gucci HA HA HA collection. Discover the campaign at the link in bio," the photos of Styles in question were captioned.

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Many fans commented below the photo, questioning the ad campaign, including one comment that read, "Is this an ad for kids' mattresses? If not… why is a kid's mattress included with a man in a fashion ad… what are you trying to normalise 😢"

Other social media users took to their Twitter accounts to express how they feel about the campaign. 

Television presenter Gillian McKeith wrote, "Why does #gucci have Harry Styles, a grown man posing with a child’s mattress and a pink teddy bear t shirt? Im not loving this."

"Gucci are having harry styles pose alongside a child’s mattress with a pink teddy bear shirt. Why are all fashion brand ad makers sick creeps?" broadcaster Sophie Corcoran wrote.

Another user chimed in, writing, "But honestly. @Harry_Styles what’s fashionable about anything here? Your shades? The twin sized mattress is weird AF. What does it imply? Why’s it there? A kids mattress and you’re wearing a pink teddy bear… why are actors so desperately clueless."

So far, neither Gucci nor Harry Styles have addressed the response to the photos.