'Group Hug!' Watch These Huge Great Danes Tower Above Their Dad While Welcoming Him Home

giant great dane group hug
giant great dane group hug

Courtesy of lovemargot.co / TikTok

Just watch this pair of enthusiastic Great Danes who are just so freakin' excited their dad has come home in a viral TikTok video. We, and 43 million other people, can't get over it!

In the video's opening snippet, two Great Danes are standing on their hind legs, resting their front paws on their human sister's shoulders and back. A third lays on the floor behind them. The dancing trio is seen swaying back and forth (appearing to slow-dance) until … Dad gets home. Cue the most epic reunion ever!

The pair of gentle giants bound toward the door to greet their pup parent. He's welcomed with a gargantuan-sized Great Dane embrace—both dogs standing on their hind legs giving him a human-like hug! The adorable footage, which was posted July 15, is captioned: "When Dad gets home."

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The tail-wagging affection and doggo loyalty can be felt through the screen. The essence of the video is yet another example of life lessons that we can learn from our four-legged friends. Imagine if we were this excited every time a family member walked through your door, whether it's returning home from their workday or a long absence? Well, I'll speak for myself … it would be absolutely pawsome! Am I right?

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Maybe that's why the TikTok video, posted by lovemargot.co, earned 43 million views (well that and the Danes' jaw-dropping size). Commenters chimed in: "The white one was like, 'yay group hug!!'" and "dancing ponies!" In fact, many of the 74,000 comments equated the Great Danes to large farm animals. And they're not far off.

Great Danes will on average measure between 28 and 32 inches from their shoulder. So when they hop up on their hind legs ... yeah. To give you an idea of how big these dogs are, the world's tallest dog on record, Freddy, measured more than 7 feet 5 inches on his hind legs. But these big boys and girls have so much more to offer than just size. They're calm, loving dogs who can get along with just about any family or animal—even the littler ones.

You can also watch more of lovemargo.co's videos to get a sense of the dog's enormous size. The account is an education into what life is like with three Great Danes in the house. One takeaway? Doggy gates are pretty much obsolete.

In this particular case, bigger is better!

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